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MANDEL, LESLIE ANN,investment advisor, writer; b. Washington, July 29, 1945; d. Seymour and Marjorie (Syble) Mandel; m. Arthur Herzog III, Oct 27, 1999. BA in Art History, U. Minn., 1967; cert., N.Y. Sch. Interior Design, 1969. Cert. Brailled Libr. Congress. Pres. Leslie Mandel Enterprises, Inc., NYC, 1968-; sr. v.p. Maximum Entertainment Network, L.A. and NYC, 1988-90; pres. Rich List Co., 1968-; pres., CEO Mandel Airplane Funding and Leasing Corp., NYC, Hong Kong, China and Mongolia, 1990-; CEO Mandel-Khan Inc., Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 1994-; Travel Safe: keep hers, keep his, 2002, Fin. advisor Osmed, Inc., Mpls., 1986-, Devine Comm./Allen & Co., NY, Del., Utah, N.Mex.,N.Y. WUWV, Utah KBER, WKTC-AM-FM, 1984-89, Am. Kefir Corp., NYC, 1983-89, Shore Group (Internat., Guyana), Flight Internat., 1991-; owner The Rich List Co., 150 internat. catalogs, mags. and fundraising lists; joint venture Mongolian Ind. Broadcasting Channel, Ulaanbaatar, 1995; pres., owner Mandel Airplane Funding and Leasing Corp.; rep. Israeli Govt. IAI Satellite, China, Romania, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Amos Satellite Network, China, 1992-; advisor rep. Gt. Wall Corp., Long Marc I) Corp., China, 1992-; Chinese Silk, 1993-; Am. Oil Refinery, 1993-; bd. dirs. Coastal Equipment Co., Bristol Airlines; cons. Exclusive Miat Airlines, Mongolia; purchasing agt. People's Republic of China-Aircraft; advisor Aeropostalis, Mexico, 1994-95; photographer; lectr. UN Internat. Direct Mail; advisor Aruba Airlines, Mexicana Airlines; aircraft agt.,; lease Estafada Airlines 757-200-C, 2000-; Chile Airlines 757-200C, 2002; advisor Guyana 2000 Airlines; ptnr. Laserline/Vulcan Power Plant, China, 2005, Greece, 2005-; Nicaragua, 2005-; Trinidad and Tobago, 2005-; Pakistan, 2005-; Turkmenistan, 2005-; Hungary, 2005-; Photographer: Vogue, 1978, New Earth Times, 1995, Fortune mag.; Braille transcriber: The Prophet (Kalil Gibran ), 1967, Getting Ready for Battle (R. Prawe Jhabuala), 1967; exec. prodr, film: Hospital Audiences, 1975 (Cannes award 1976); author: Hungry at the Watering Hole, Gardiners Island, 1636-1990, 1989, Expedition: In the Steps of Ghengis Kahn, 1994; advisor Port Liberte Ptnrs., 1988-94; contbr. articles to prof. jours. Fin. advisor Correctional Assn., Osborn Soc., 1977-; founder, treas. Prisoners Family Transportation and Assistance Fund, N.Y., 1972-77; judge Emmy awards of Acad. TV Arts and Scis., N.Y.C., 1970; bd. dirs. Prisoners Assn., 1990; chmn. U.S.A. com. Violeta B. de Chamarro for Pres. of Nicaragua Campaign. Recipient Inst. for the Creative and Performing Arts fellowship, N.Y.C., 1966, Appreciation cert. Presdl. Inaugural Com., Washington, 1981. Fellow N.Y. Women in Real Estate, Explorers Club (lectr. on Mongolia, fin. com., housing, student, hospitality and Lowell Thomas coms., reciprocity com., legacy com.); mem. Com. on Am. and Internat. Fgn. Affairs, Lawyers Com. on Internat. Human Rels., Bus. Exec. Nat. Security, Venture Capital Breakfast Club, The Coffee Club House, Sigma Delta Tau, Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Democrat, Avocations: painting, writing, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding, breeding cockatiels.

Horne: 4 E 81st St New York NY 10028-0235

Office: Mandel Airplane Funding & Leasing Co, PO Box 294, Wainscott NY 11975-0294
Office: Mandel-Khan Inc care Boldbaatar, Mandel Khan, PO Box 97, Ulaanbaatar 210648, Mongolia
also: Leslie Mandel Enterprises, PO Box 294 Wainscott NY 11975-0294