Fax: (212) 861-5384 Phone: (212) 737-8917
Address: PO Box 294, Wainscott, NY 11975


The Rich List Company Data Cards - Abbreviations used in USAGE Listings

AIJD= Abraham Israeli Jewish Donors
ACND= Abused Children's Network Donors
APPO= Adored Pampered Pet Owners
ASCD= All Saints Catholic Donors
AH= America's High Income Donors
APL = America's Points of Light Donors (90% Catholic)
ABL= American Business Life
AHL= American Home Life
ACWPHH= American's Concerned with the International Poor, Hungry, & Homeless.
AC= Approved Credit Card Holders
AB= Asian Business Database
AHHC/HH= Association for Home Health Care & Rehabilitation Donors
CI= Captains of Industry
CD= Charitable Doctors
CH= Check Writing Health & Welfare Donors
CEA = Coalition for Environmental Action
CC = Collector's Choice Mail Order Buyers
CB= Computer Buyers
CAH= Concerned American Health Donors
CWDA= Concerned Women Donors to Aids
CR= Conservative Republican Inaugural Attendees and Donors
CW= Conservative Wealthy Arts Donors & Supporters
CCJ= Cream of Crop Jewish
CS= Credit Seekers Turned down by a Bank
DMF= Death Master File
DL= Democratic Liberal Donors of Today
DD= Discriminating Donors to the Health of Young & Old
EO= Electrical Outlet
FCIAD= Fighting Cancer Donors
RGTACD= Givers to an Incapacitating Disease

GB= Givers to the Blind
GTP= Good Tidings Protestant Donors
GJ= Gutsy Jewish Givers
HR= High Risk Gamblers
HTA= High Ticket Auto Accessory Buyers
ICH= Inner City Help Donors
IP= Insurance Prospects
ILP= International Lottery Players
IBD= Israeli Betterment Donors
KO= Keogh Investors of Over One Million Dollars

LMPS=Leslie Mandel's Private List 
MM= Magazine Master
MI= Motivated Investors
NF= Natural Fiber Catalog Mail Order Buyers
OW = Older Women Health Care Donors
OSA= Opportunity Seekers of America
PCP= Pre-approved Credit Prospects
PW= Pretty Women Craft & Collectible Mail Order Buyers
RMCR= "Repair My Credit!" Responders
RRRW= Rich & Receptive Donors with Children
RJ = Rich Jewish Donors
RRR = Rich, Receptive, and Responsive
GSH= Samaritan Village Foundation
SAV= Saviors of Animals, Earth, and Air
SFCXCD= Searching for Code "X" Cancer & Disease Donors
SSD= Spanish Speaking Donors
CCS= The Center for Cuban Studies
EC= Explorers - Public Participants
LP= The International League of Providers
TW = Thinking Women Contributors
TOV= Top Tov Jewish Households
UC = Upper Crust Multi Donors

* Note Statistics have been kept since 1990. We have noted that often mailers will change brokers or replace their current in house Director of Direct Mail Marketing and the history of lists used has not been kept. We have kept this history.

Overall 2,633 mailers of which 1,457 Non Profit Charities ordered and 1,177 non charity ordered. Some have changed their charity/company name and 117 are now out of business, IN 2011... 69 Charities were doing Telemarketing or 4.8557353 percent. and .001407459 percent were emailing. Of the profit companies 289 or 25.3731343 percent were doing Telemarketing with or without also mailing.  2 Charities did an email campaign, and 10 profit making companies emailed.One did Text Messaging. 

Of all mailers there has been 2,967 continuations of a list. This means that a single mailer may have continued one time on one list while another has ordered several lists several times. Thus we counted as 1 continuation if any list was ordered twice or more.

There were multiple 2,836 continuations from individual lists from 2,595 current mailer/telemarketers or a 110% continuation rate.

Multiple continuations were 40% in an industry with an average of 33%.
510 Mailers continued on at least one list or 23.8% in an industry with an average of 12%

Multiple continuations:
670 continued 40%
(The industry average is 33%)
2,991 continuations of 2,629 mailers 1.1354127%
366 charities of 1,446 continued on at least one list 3.9508196%
169 Commerical Mailers of 1,059 continued on at least one list 15.95845%
535 total of 2,603 Mailers continued on at least one list 20.5532 % 
(The industry average is 12%)
2,991 continued of 2,629 mailers of which 1,455 are non profit.
597 (2) 178 (3) 82 (4) 40 (5) 12(6) 15 (7) 7 (8) 5 (9) 8 (10) 6 (11) 0 (12) 1 (13)5 (14)  (15) 1 (16) 3 (17) 1 (25) 1 (28) 1 (38) 1 (71)

Political Candidates
Death Master File Cleaning


1,457 Charities ordered
1,281 addresses have
117 Out of business(OB)
70 have done telemarketing
365 continued on at least one list or 28%
13 ordered between 1 million 4,5 million names
15 ordered over 500,000 to 1 million names to here
107 ordered over 100,000 to 500,000 names
126 ordered of 1,121 mailing or
11% ordered over 100k names
383 ordered 20 to 100,000 names
637 of 1,214 mailing or 52%
Ordered over 20k names

Please note that some charities mail once and never again. Some mail for a special event and some mail one year and not the other.

Our best client who has ordered over 4.1 million names in the past has been pulling 15% on cold telemarketing for donors from our entire donor base. In general an average of 35% of current mailers will continue on at least one list of our 141 direct mail source lists or Email Double Opt in Lists with Wap Push ability.


Books, Catalogues, Financial, Gambling, Insurance, Magazine, Political
Candidates, Product, Death Master File Cleaning, Research, Business.

1,177 of which 169 continued = 16.9%
5 OB 643 have addresses for 172 can not find
267 (ob)
212 are doing telemarketing
662 have 169 continued = 26%


A-1 Direct 5,000 OW5K
AAF Team for Southwest Texas State U 5,000 RRR5K
AARP 167,000T ILP2.5k RTBLP2.5k UD50K
ACND50K DL12KT (2)
Abused Women'Causes 12,929 RRR12,929
Abused Women's Aid In Chrisis 8.3 UC8.3K
Academic Liberty Fund (OB) 10,000 CR5K RP5K
Academy Gerintology Education (OB) 15,000 UC5k CR5K DL5K
Academy Liberty Fund 10,000 CR5K RP5K
ACLU/PA 3,266 CCJ3.266K
ACRMD 10,000 OW10K (2)
Action Against Hunger 6,000 GTTB6K
Action For The Homeless 20,000 APL10K ACWPHH10k
Action on Smoking & Health 75,000 OW15K (2) FC15K (2)
AdminaStar 21,081 APL5.270K Ah5,270K
TW5,270K RRR5.270K
Advocate Health 10,000 OW5K Ahhc5K
Advocates for Adults with Disabilit 10,000 ICHD10K
Advocates For Children 5,000 ACND5K
Afghanistan Relief (OB) 50,000 RRR30K (3) DD10K
African Wildlife Foundation 3,000 UC3K
African Emergency Relief 10,000 DD5k UC5K
Africare 10,000 HH10K
Agape Home 10,000 SP2.5K CD2.5K
Ahavat Chessed 5,000T IBD5K
Aids Project of LA 11,000 CWDA11K (2)
Aids Resource Center of Wisconsin 5,000 CWDA5K
Aish Hatorah 5,000T GJ5K
Aish International 5,000T RJ5K
Akren Canton Food bank Ohio 16,000 LP6K RRR5K RRWC5K
Albert Einstein Healthcare Net 5,186 CCJ5,186K
Albert Schweitzer Hospital/Haiti 20,000 ACWPHH5K LP5K OW10K
Alpeh Institute 5,000T JR5K
Alexander Graham Bell Ass Deaf 5,000 DD5K
Alexian Brothers Bonaventure House 14,000 CWDA14K
Alice Lloyd College 40,000 RRR20K AH20K
All Baptist Childrens Home 5,500 ACND5.5K
All God’s Children 5,000 ACWPHH5K
Allentown Art Museun 5,158 RRR5,158
Alliance Defense Fund 9,000 CR9K
Alliance fr Alliance Healthcare (OB) 5,000 DL5K
Allnet Communications 60,000 CCJ60k
Alpha Hepatology Institute 40,000 UC10K OW10K DD10K
ALS Association 10,000 AHHC10K
Alzheimers Research 411,600 AHH46K (4)CC10K (2)
DL15.6K (2) AH5K TW5K
CH20K (2) UC60K (3)
RRR5K CW5K DD25K (3)
GJ5K CCJ41K (4) CHH35 (5)
CR10K APL22 (2)
OW47.5k (4) ADWEPLAT15K
Amanaka'a Save the Rainforest 2.5 PET2.5K
Amazon Network (OB) 5,000 LP5K
America Needs Fatima 10,000 ACSD10K
American Academy of Opthalmology 5,000 GTTB5K
American Assn fr th Advncment Scnc 15,000 LP5K CEA10K
Ammerican Association for Cancer Re 12,000 FCIAD12k
American Assn of Retired Persons 80,000 OW30K RRR50K (2)
American Bible Society 37,000 RRR7K AH10K HH20K (2)
American Biographical Institute Inc 10,000 CW10K
American Cancer Society(ac) 384,236 CEA20K LP20K ACWPHH25K
RRR49K(3) OW84,118K(7) TW10K
UC6.575(2) CHH5K CW1.715K
DD23,665K (2)FC86.213K(3)
SFCX7.575K (2)AHHC25K(2)
American Cancer of Calif 5,000 RRR5K
American Catholic 5,000 CCD5K
American Center of Law and Justice 5,000T ASCD5K
American Civil Liberties Union 41,000 ICHD18K (2) DL23K (2)
American Conservative Union 12,000 AF12K (3)
American Council of the Blind 13,000 GTTB5K CWDA/CEA/ACND10K
American Diabetes 80,000 FCIAD25K (2) OW15K (2)CH5K
American Dream 7,000 ACWAPHH7K
American Farmland Trust 10,000 UC10K (2)
American Federation of Police 10,000 GTTB10K (2)
American Field Ser Intercultural Pro 5,000 UC5K
American Forests 5,000 ILP5K
Americans for the Arts 30,000 DL10K CWA10K RRRWC10K
American Foundation for the Blind 207,000 DL37K (5) DD40K (5)
EII105K (2) TW5K
CCJ5K UC10K (2) HH5K
American Fndtn fr Vsn Awareness 14,000 ACND7K GTTB7K
American Friends of Neve Shalom 5,000 CCJ5K
American Friends of Sheba Medical
Cenyter of Tel Hashomer 10,000T RJ10K
American Friends Services 22,000 DL12K ACWPHH10K
American Health Assistance Fdn 10,000 CW10K DD5K
American Health Foundation 10,000 CK10K (2)
American Heritage Society (OB) 20,000 ASCD10K AH10K
American Humane Association 15,000 ACND15K
American Immigration Control Center 10,000 CR10k
American Indian College Fund 15,000 DL10K ACND5K
American Indian Educational Fund 10,000 ASCD10K
American Indian Famine Relief 4,275,000T SAD15k (2) UC230 (10)
DD195K (14) CH30K (4)
AH35K (3) AHH10K CHH10K
CEA200K (11) APL5K
ASCD5K ACW20k (3)
American Institute Cancer Research 309,991 CHH5.2K CR16.5K (3)
CC80.325K (3)
CCJ41.848K (4) CW10K(2)
DD45K (4) MM15K
RRR5K UC11K DL12.218K
American Israeli Civil Liberties (OB) 5,000 UC5K
American Israel Friendship League 5,000 CCJ5K
American Israel Public Affairs 64,377 UC 14,377(3)CCJ 35K(5)GJ 10K
American Jewish Committee 27,000 TW 5K CCJ10 (2) IBD10K (2)
American Jew Theatre (OB) 30,000 CCJ30K
American Jewish World Service 5,000 AJD5K
American Legion 143.5 LP88.5K (5)
AHHC40K (4) DD15K
American Leprosy Missions 30,000 ILP7.5k ACWPHH7.5k GTTB15K
American Life League 30,000 CAH5K RCD5k APL10k ASCD10K
American Liver Foundation 10,000 UC5K CCJ5K
American Museum of Natural History 22,000 UC10K (2) SAV6K CEA6K
American Near East Refugee Assn 70,000 AH50K HH10K (2)
American Parkinson Disease 20,000 GTTB5K CH10K (2) DD5K
American Print House for the Blind 40,000 HH10K CC15K (2) DD10K
American Refugee committee 5,000 GSH5K
12,000 FCIAD6K APL6K
American Red Cross Atlanta 7,500 ILP7.5k
American Red Cross New York 58,500 ICHD5K UC10K
American Red Cross 582,977 RRR96.382k (7) OW70(4)
AHH163K (9)
AH20K CAH20K (2)
DD25k ILP42.622K (2)
American Red Cross Mass Bay 87,226 FCIAD10K (2) OW5K
ACND22.225K (3)
American Red Cross Nashville 5,000 ACND5K
American Society Prevent Cruelty CH 5,000 UC5K
American Society prv crlty Animals ASPCA 77,500 SAV7.5K APPO70K (3)
American String Teachers Association 10,000 CWA10K
American Urological Association FDN 10,000 FCIAD10K
Americares Foundation 47,644 ILP20K ACWIPHH27,644K
Amherst Wilder Foundation 10,000 UC10K (2)
American Heart Assn 255.1 OW64.1K DD10K CH10K
CCJ73K (2)UC5K CR73K(2)
American Jewish Congress 5,000 CCJ5K
American Federation of Police 5,000 GTTB5K
American Friends of ALYN Hospital 10,000 RJ5K CCJ5K
American Friends of Tel Aviv U 21,300 IBD5.3K CCJ16K
American Friends Service Committee 10,000 UC10k (2)
American Israel Friendship 10,000 UC 10k (2)
American Israel Public Affairs 60,377 UC15.377 (3) CCJ40k(5)
American Lung Association 131,500T FCIAD20K ACW10
RRR25K (2) CC10k
OW16.5K (2) GSH30K
American Lung of West PA 11,166 CH11,166K
Americans for Immigration Control 5,000 CRIAD5K
Americans for Peace Now 10,000 CCK2,657K GJ.459K
Americans for a Safe Israel 10,000 CCJ5K TW5K
Americans for the Future (OB) 10,000 WW10K
American relief Association 10,000 ILP10K
Americans Second Harvest 575,000 ACWPHH32K(3) ICHD13.5K ILP12K
Americom 20,000 AH20K (2)
Amnesty International 120 RRR7.5K HH14.5K (2)
LP30K (3) DD10K
AMVETS National Service Foundation 100,000 OW25K (3) LP60K (5)
AHHC15K (3)
Anglican Diocese of Cape Town 10,000 ACWIPHH10K
Animal Legal Defense Fund 10,000 APPO10K
Animal Medical Center 35,000 TW5K UC5K RRR25K (5)
Animal Protection Institute 5,000 DD5K
Ann Adams 10,000 CH10K (2)
Ann Frank (OB) 20,000 CCJ20K (2)
Anonymous llc 10,000 KDEMAIL10K
Anti Defamation League 899,211 CCJ144,736K (9)
GJ305,617K (6) HL5K
CCK5k UC10K (2)
Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago 20,000 RRR10K SAV10K
Anti-Vivisection Society 6,600 SAV6.6K
Appalshop Inc 5,707 TW5.707K
Arbor Day 17,500 AJD10K AHHC7.5K
Archdiocese of Durban 25,000 CCD10K ASCD5k CAH10K
ARCS 2,383,301 CWDA12.866K
ICHD304.116K (2)
FC372,770K (2)
UC42,337k GTPD500K
Areivim 5,000T OJ5K
ArthurAshe 5,000 CWDA5K
Arizona International Buddhist Ctr 5,000 LN2k TDWARR.5k WW1k
Arkansas Arts Center 12,778 RRR12,778
Arthritis Foundation 89,908 DD10K
RRR22K (2)UC2.908k
Assaf Harofed Medical Center 13,000 RJ6.5K IBD6.5K
Assn American Indian Affairs 10,000 TW5K UC5k
Associated Blind 5,000 UC5K
Association of Mature American Citizens 5,000 ASCD5K
Association of the Blind&Visually 5,000 GTTB5K
Association of the Miraculous medal 15,000 APL7.5K ASCD7,500
Association of Sabiny Wmn Agnst Odd 15,000 UC1k CAH1k LP1k AH1k
Associated Services for the Bld 10,000 OW10K
Association Voluntary Sterilization 3,000 UC3k
Association for Soldiers Israel (OB) 5,000 GJ5K
Association Handicapped Artists Inc 55,000 CC10K RRR10K AH10K
Atlantic Botanical Museum History 5,000 RRR5K
Aurora Ministries 17,000 GTTB17k (2)
Auschwitz Jewish Center 8,739 AIJD8.739K
Autism Society of America 10,000 DD10K (2)
Ave Maria University 6,000 ASCD6K
Bailey House 5,000 CWA5K
Baptist Health Florida 11,693 FC11.693
Baptist Hospital 5,198 AHHC5,198
Baptist Medical Center Foundation 5,000 OW5K
Barnum Museum 6,500 CW6.5K
Barton Cotton/Ctr fr Marine Conser 7,500 SAV7.5K
Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer 6,532 CAH6.532K
Beit Yael Cntr fr Advncmnt Blind 5,000 CCJ1.5K GJ1.5k GTTB2k
Bellflower Child Abuse 15,428 RRR15,428K (2)
Benevolent Assoc 5,000 HH5K
Bethel Christian Ministries 6,500 OW6.5K
Bethany House 15,969 ACWIPHH4,267K
Berea College 10,000 ACWPHH5K UC5k
Bernstein (Leonard) 10,000 CS10K
Bethesda Foundation 8,189 RRR8.189K
Beth Ambraham Hospital 7,500 CCJ7.5K
Beth Israel Medical Center 5,000 CCJ5K
Bible League 5,000 GTPD5K
Bide A Wee Home 5,000 UC5k
Big Brothers Big Sisters 3,000 UC3k
Bishop Gassis Sudan Relief Fund 5,000 CAHCD5K
Blind Children Association 80,000 RRR80K (2)
Blinded Veterans Assoc 5,000 CC5k
Blue Grass Mailing 5,000 FCIAD5K
Blueberry (OB) 8,000 UC8K
Bnai Brith 27,800 CH5K TW5k IBD7K
B'nai Zion 2,000 GJ2K
Body Positives/SW Pub & Mailing 5,000 CWDA5K
Boggy Creek Gang 10,000 DD5K CWAD5K
Boo You Back 5,000 MI5K
Boys and Girls Clubs of America 6,000 ILP6K
Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston 10,000 ICHD10K (2)
Boys & Girls Hm Cmmumnty Srv Inc 10,000 ACND5K RRRWC5K
Boys & Girls Clubs of GRT Dallas 6,000 AH6K
Boys and Girls Clubsw of IL 5,000 ACND5K
Boys and Girls Clubs of LA 12,836 ACND6K UC6.836
boys and Girls Town of Mo 10,000 ACND10K (2)
Boy Scouts of America 23,102 UC23.102K (6)
Boys Club of NY 20,000 ACND5K UC5K AH10K (2)
Boys Athletic Lea Pathways fr Youth 20,000 UC20K (2)
Boys Town of Missouri 35,858 CHH10K ACWPHHH5K
Boston Food Bank 116,255 HH11.459K (2)
APL12.8K RRR20K (2)
UC11,969 (2)
Boston Health Care 5,000 CWDA2.5K OW 2.5K
BrabenderCox Hospital 1,300 BM1.3K
Brackenridge Hospital 10,932 CAH10.932K
Brady Campaign 22,000 INHD6K UD16k (2)
Braille Bible Foundation (NM) 34,800 BAD4.8K DJA5K CRS5K
Braille Institute of America 57,048 RRR30K (2)
GTTB17.048K DD10K
Bread For The World 5,000 HH5K
Breast Cancer Fund 11,800 FCIAD11.8K (2)
Bridge Family Center 5,000 DD5K
Brightside 5,925 ACND5,925K
Boysville of Michigan 13,270 CH13.270K
Bronx Museum of the Arts 5,000 UC5K
Brooklyn Academy of Music 5,000 CC5k
Brumuda Film Festival 42,500 TW42.5K (2)
Buckner Childrens Home 10,000 RRR10K
Butterfield Youth Services 10,000 CC5K CR 5K
California Org of Police & Sheriffs 10,000 GTAID10K
California Ripken Sr Fdn. 10,557 ACND10.557K
California State PArks FDN 5,000 CEA5K
California Task Force Homeless 10,000 RRR10K
Californians fr stem Cell Rsrch (OB) 15,000 OW5K GTAID5K CWDA5K
Cal Ripken Sr Foundation 10,000 ACND10K
Calvary Hospital 40,000 DD5K CC5k SFCXCD10K(2)
CAMERA Cmte Accuracy ME Report 10,000 GJ5K CCJ15K CR15K
Camellia and Main 120,000 AH60K (2) apl30K
Camillus House 7,000 ASCD7k
Camp Sunshine 6,000 OW6K
Campaign American 65,000 CH15K CCJ25K (2)
CR25K (2)
Campaign Center 5,000 OW5K
Cancer Care 216,255 GTTB5.5K HH10K CJ25K (2)
DD10K(2)UC138,755K (5)
CR15K (2) DL5K CCJ5K
Cancer Fund of America 235,000 AHHC10K (2) APL10K(3)
RRR10K (2) OW11KT (3)
CH11K (3) CAH10K (3)
DD10K (3) CWDA10K (2)
LP10K (2) FCIAD13k (5)
UC3/5K SVF3/5K
Cancer Fund of America Pacific West 30,000 SVF5K OW5K APL10K
Caregivers Inc 6,000 GTAID6K
Cancer Kids Fnd 8,500 FCIAD8.5K
cancer Research & Prevention FDN 20,000 FCIAD10K
Cancer Research Fdn of America 5,000 AH5K
Care 590,218 AHH60K (3)CH12K (2)
DD20K (3) CC31K (3)
UC267,511 (11) CL5K
CCJ30K (3) CR5K
TW10.707k (2)
ACWPHH20k (2)
ACND22.500K (2)
APL8K ICHD17.5K (2)
Carmelite Monastery 5,088 APL5.088K
Cardinal Hayes Home for Children 5,000 CHH5K
Caring Community 5,000 DD5K
Carl Farley’s Boys Ranch 25,844 ACND6.094K OW19.75K
Carnegie Hall 50,000 CCJ20K (3) CWA5K
UC25K (3)
Carolin’s Healthcare Dataprose 7,500 OW7.5K
Carter Center 10,000 DL10K
Casa de los Ninos 7,000 RRR7K
Cashfor birth control.com 10,000 UC10K
Cathedral St John 5,000 UC5K
Catholic Campaign America 5,000 CAH5K
Catholic Campus Ministry Assoc 10,000 ASCD10K (2)
Catholic Community Foundation 5,000 CCD5K
Catholic Community Service 8,470 ILP8.47K
Catholic Digest Magazine 7,500 ASCD7.5K
Catholic Family News 10,000 ASCD5K RCD5K
Catholic Financial Life 6,519 CCD6,519K
Catholic League 100,000 RCD100K
Catholic Near East Welfare Assn 65,000 CCD30K AH10K APL25K (2)
Catholic Charities of Arch Boston 20,000 RRR10K APL 5K
Catholic Charities of Baltimore 6,689 APL6.689K
Catholoic charities of Israel NL 121,300 CAH121.3K (3)
Catholic Charities of Kansas 5,000 APL5K
Catholic Charities of NY 648,297 CCD3K WW3K CAH17.182K (2)
APL17,682K (3)
AH7.211K LP12,822K(2)
Catholic Charities Arch StPaul & MplS 25,000 RRR10k AH15K (3)
Catholic Relief Ser 144,000 AH20K (3)HH60K (2)
Catholic Charities Brooklyn 5,000 HH5K
Catholic Charities Free Health Care 5,000 CCD5K
Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh 7,995 CCD7.995
Catholic Charities US 10,000 AF10K
Catholic Welfare and Development 20,000 ASCD10K APL10K
Cato Institute 10,000 CR10K
Cedars Cancer Center 8,265 FCAD8.265K
Cedar Home for Children 60,000 AH10K RRR25K (3)
DD15K (2) CH5K TW5K
CEDPA 17,500 ACND7.5K CWDA10K (2)
Center for American Values (OB) 5,000 AF5K
Center for Children and Families 5,000 UC5k
Center for Campus Organizing 5,000 DL5K
Center For Defense Information 5,000 UC5k
Center for Disease Control 10,000 OW10K
Center for Ethics Social and Policy 5,500 DD5.5K
Center for Gender Equality 10,000T DL10K (2)
Center for Great Expectations 5,000 AH5K
Center for Injury Prevention (OB) 5,000 CH5K
Center to Prevent Handgun Violence 10,000 OW10K
Center for poverty Solutions (OB) 27,000 ACWPHH27K
Center for Rural Affairs 5,176 RRR5.176K
Center for the advancement of Women 20,000 DL20K (2)
Center for Womens Health Care 10,000 OW10K
Central Coast Center 5,000 AHHC5K
Central Park Conservance 50,000 DL5K UC45k (5)
Central Arizona Shelter Services 5,000 RRR5K
Central Park Historical Society (OB) 10,000 UC10k (2)
Champaign County Humane Society 34,879 CEA18,425K (2)
Chabad of Greater Fort Lauderdale 5,000 CCJ1K JR1K TTJ1K
Chabad@thebeaches.com 5,000T AJD5K
Channel 3 for Country Camp 11.25 ICHD6.25K CW5K
Cheeshire Home 5,000 CHH5K
Chesapeake Bay Foundation 17,000 CEA17K (3)
Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center 5,000 ACND5K
Chicago Children's Causes 5,388 AH5.388
Chicago Christian League 20,000 AH10k(2) RRR10K (2)
Chicago Foundation for Women 10,000 CWDA10K
Chicago Historical Society 6,000 CCJ6K
Child Abuse Prevention Association 5,407 RLH5,407K
Child Advocate 7,500 RRR7.5K
Child Find 86,737 DL12.657 UC74.080 (2)
Childhelp USA 17,500 ACND17.5K (3)
Childreach 10,000 AWCPHH5K ILP5K
Child Welfare League of America 10,000 ACND5K DD5K
Child's Transplant Found 10,000 CH5K RRR5k
Childrens Aid Society 80,000 UC75k (8) CC5k
Childrens Alliance 10,059 ACND5K RRRWC5,059K
Children’s Cancer Fund of America 15,000 FCIAD15K (3)
Children’s Center of Ohio 5,000 HR5K
Children’s Cancer Research Fund 30,000 ACND15K AHWD15K
Childrens Health Fund 5,000 ICHD5K
Childrens Hospital Medical Center 26,000 FC26K
Children Hosp Boston 8.583 HH8.583K
Children's Hospital Foundation 5,000 ACND5K
Children's Heartlink 5,000 ACWPHH5K
Children Inc 5,000 ICHD5K
Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund 5,000 CCJ/LP5K
Children of Our Father Foundation 5,000 AH1k CD2K ACW1k US1K
Children of the Night 10,000 TW10K
Children's Home Inc/FL 25,070 RRR24.070K ACND1K
Children's Hosptial LA 3,054 CCJ3,054K
Children’s Hospital nj beth Israel 10,000 ACND5K AIJD5K
Children's Hospital Wolfson FL 3,054 CCJ3,054
Children's Hospital of Akron 15,265 AH8,585K APL4,162K
Children's Hospital 36,000 OW6k RRR30K (3)
Children's Hospital Found Cardio 34,000 CAH10K RRR24k
Children International 259,732 ACWPHHH101.583K (5)
HH15.5K ILP15K
ACND30.619K (2)
APL10K ASCD15,464K
FC15,464 UC15.464K
ICHD20,619K SSD19.5K
GRQ 20,619K
Children’s Leukemia research Assoc 5,000 OW5K
Children’s Miracle Network 76,349 FC26,824K APL49.715K(3)
Children’s National Medical Center 34,000 ACND34K (2)
Children’s Service of Wisconsin 10,000 ACND10K
Childrens Wish Foundation 30,000T RRR30K
Christ House 10,000 AHHC10K
Christ The King Religious Ed 5,000 ASCD5K
Christian Coalition
Catholic alliance 10,000 AH5K APL5K
Christian Solidarity International 10,000 ASCD10K
Christopher reeve paralysis fdn 60,000 OW10K CH10k AHHC10K
Chapman, Stone and Adler 10,000 CH10K (2)
Chevrai Tzedoko V'Chessed 5,000 CCJ5K
Choice For Dying (OB) 10,000 OW10K
Christian Appalachian 245,500 LP32.5k (4) AHH13.5K(2)
ACND115K (5)
Christian Blind Mission 5,000 AF5K
Christian Defense Fund 5,000 AF5K
Chronic Disease Fund 33,500 FCIAD33.35K
Chrysalis 5,000 ICH5K
Church Farm Schools 5,000 RRR5K
Church of Good Samaritan 16,500 AHHCR/11K APL5.5K
Church World Service 40,000T RRR20K WW20K
Cincinnati Art Museum 18,349 CWDA18.349K
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 12,000 SFCXC&DD12K
Circle In The Square Theatre 5,000 RRR5K
Circle Repertory 5,000 CWA5K
Citizens Against Government Waste 41,500 APL6.5K CC13K (2)
CW6.5K DD6K DL3k
Citizen Ambassador Program 10,000 APL10K
Citizens fr Aftr Schl Prgrms (OB) 5,000 RRRWD5K
Citizens for America 15,000 CR15k (2)
Citizens Organized Acting Together 10,000 OW2.5K DD2.5K DL2.5K
Citizens United 20,000T CR20K
City Harvest 20,500 ICHD12.5K LP8K
City Meals on Wheels 36,928 ICHD36,928K (4)
City Mission of Los Vegas (0b) 5,000 ACND5k
City Mission Ministries 40,850 GTPD21,511K FCIAD19,289K (2)
City of Hope 253,047 ACND18.948K CH11K RRR11k
AHH90.2K(4)FCIAD18.594K (2)
ICHD61K (4)OW7.5k CAH7.305
City Union Mission 7,116 LP7,116 (2)
Clean Air/Water/Bond Act 5,000 CEA5K
Clear Creek Monastery 5,000 RCD5K
Claremont Inst 10,541 CR10,541K
Clergy and Laity Concerned 3,000 UC3k
Cleveland Clinic 10,000 SRCXCD10K
Cleveland Education Fund 5,000 RRR5K
Cleveland Mission 5,166 FC5.166K
CMT Association 26,669 GTAID26.669K (3)
Coaching Institute (OB) 5,000T MAFTRE5K
Coalition for temp shelter 10,000 CH10K
Coalition for the Homeless 5,000 ICHD5K
Coalition Salute American Heroes 20,000 ACW20K (2)
Colel Chabad 291,558 UC9.6K (3) CCJ10k (2)
GJ5k DD4K AIJD56,253K
IBD206,705K (2)
College Colorado Blue Sky Ent 4,000 RRR4K
Colorado Christian Home 36,051 ACND4,855K DD1,173K
RRR30,051 (4)
Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind 7.5 GTTB7.5K
Columbian Fathers Mission 20,000 APL10K ASCD5K
Columbus Childrens Hospital 8.397 ACND8.397K
Committee of 100 38,000 UC33.300k (2) DD5K
Common Cause 18,000 UC8K (2) CCJ10K
Community Action for Legal Services 5,000 UC5k
Community Affairs Inc 10,000T RRR10K
Community Health Center 5,000 RRR5K
Community Hospice Foundation 6,192 RRR6.192K
Community Hospitals 10,202 OW10.202K
Community Service 45,000 UC40k (6) IC5K
Community Solutions 5,000 ACND5K
Community Development 10,000 RRR10K
Company of Women 12,500 TW12.5K
Concordia University 5,000 RRR5K
Connecticut Food Bank 10,000 DD5K LP5K
Connecticut Junior Republic 20,000 CF10K RRRWC10K
Connecticut Public Television 5,000 UC3k DD2k
Conquer Cancer Now 23,000 OW12K FCIAD12K
Conservation Coalition:
High Country Foundation
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
Restore: The North Woods
Kettle Range Conservation Group
New Jersey Audubon Society(see elsewhere)
Conn. Fund for the Environment(see elsewhere)
National Resources Council of Maine
11,196 CEA11.196K
Coral Ridge Ministries 10,000 GTPD10K (2)
Coronary Heart Disease Research 10,000 UC5K CH5K
Correctional Association 5,000 DD5K
Costa rica Edeucational Foundation 5,000T RRDWC2K WW1K PCC1K
Cotlar & Partners (OB) 5,000 CWA5K
Council for Jewish Elderly 31,000 RRR16K GJ5K AIJD5k RJ5k
Council of Indian Nations 5,000 CEA5K
Courage Center 58,299T GTAID58,299k (4)
Covenant House 316,277 ACND20-K DD55K(5)
CR10K (2) CC5K
Cradle 5,000 RRR5K
Create NOW 5,000 AACND5K
Crime victims 5,000 ILP5K
Crippled Children's Society 5,000 HH5K
Crittenton Behavioral Health 10,000 RRR10K
Crittendon Hasting House 20,000 UC3.3K DL3.3K
CRS Bread and Water Sierra Leone 225,000 ACWPHH105K (8)
CRS-Eastern Europe 10,000 LP5K ACWPHH5K
Crohns & Colititius Fdn Amer NY Chr 36,993 TT14.993K UC25K (2)
Cross Interantional 10,000 ACWPHH10K
Crown Heights Jewish Committee 303,000 CCJ250K (7) CH20K
UC13K (3) GJ10K CH10K
Cumberland College 30,000 RRR30K (2)
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 35,000 CCJ10K 20,000 CAH 10K
Dana Farber Cancer 83,000 ACND17.5K (2) CAH7.5K
GTAID7.5k CWDA7.5k LP10K
Dataprose 8,014 RRR8.014K
Daughters of the Nile 20,000 ANCD10K
Development Disabilities 10,000 INCH10K
Devry University 5,000 DAK5K
D'Var Institute 6,000T CCJ5K LMPL1K
D. Clifford Porter 5,000T GTTB5K
DANCE STUDIO 16,968 CWA16,968K
Dance Theatre of Harlem 10,000 UC5K CWA1K GJ1K
Darchei Menachem School 5,000T RJD4K AJC1K
DAV (PVA-EPVA 115,000 CC10K AHH35K (3)
OW30K (3)
Davis Memorial Goodwill 24,492 AH10K UC5K GTTB4.492K
Dae Levine client 5,000 CC5K
Deafness Research Fdn 15,000 UC15K (3)
Deborah Heart and Lung 190,000 RRR190K (4)
Dedication&Everlasting Love Animals 30,000 APL 10K (2)SAV10K (2)
Defenders of WIldlife 5,000 CEA5K
Deleware HIV COnsortium 12,179 CWDA7,179K LP5K
Delta Rescue 5,000 CEA5K
Democratic Congressional Committee 71,343 CCJ10KI DL30K(4) UC16.343K(3)
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Com 104,000T ICHD34KT(3) CEA18K UD5k DL47K(2)
Denver Dumb Friend League 10,000 APL10K
DePaul Foundation 5,000 RRR5K
DePelchin Children’s Center 5,376 ACND5.376K
Desert Mission Food Bank 21,448 ICHD15.870K (3)
UC10.578K (2)
Detroit Institute of Children 35,000 RRR35K
Detroit Institute of the Arts 10,000 ACD10K
Detroit public TV 23,349 CWDA18.349K CEA5K
Devereux Foundation 7,500 AHHC7.5K
Diabetes Trust Fund 45,000 UC40K (3) DD5K
Divine Word Missionaries 20,000 APL 10K ASCD10K
Doctors w/o Borders 134,000 LP72K (2)20HHK (2)
DO-Good.biz 10,052 ACND10.052K
Doheny Eye Institute 71,000 FCIAD37K (4)GTTB14K(3)
OW10K (2)
Doing things for animals 5,000 SAV5K
Dole Foundation (OB) 105,000 CR40K (3) CH20K (2)
CCJ25K CW20K (2)
Dollars for Democrats 17,638 DL17.638K (2)
Door 10,000 UC10K (2)
Doris Day Animal League 5,500 CH5.5K
Dorot 5,000 AIJD5K
Downtown Rescue Mission 5,000 RRR5K
Doyle For Governor 10,000 DL10K
Dream Center 5,000 ACWPHH5K
Drug Policy Alliance 15,000 UC5K SVF5k ICHD5K
Ducks Unlimited 10,000 CEA10K
Dudley St Neighborhood Initiative 13,235 ICHD9.235K APL5K
Duke's Children's Hospital 10,000 RRR10K
Earthday 10,000 UC5K DL5K
Easter Seals 105,000 RRR10K SP10K CC5K
AHHC40K (2) OW20K
Echarity 5,000 APL5K
Edgewood Children’s Ctn 9,488 ACND9.888K (2)
Egleston Children Hospital 17,000 RRR12K HH5K
Eleanor Women’s Foundation 10,000 RRR10K
Elijah's Promise 5,000 DL/APL5K
Eleves & more Marcia Feldman & Assoc 5,000 ICHD5K
Ellington Fund 5,000 ICHD5K
EM! Childrens Center 5,000 ACND5K
Empower Program 5,000 ACND5K
Endangered Special Coalition 5,000 PET5K
End of Life Choices 30,000 ADWEPLAT20K (2)
Energy Outreach Colorado 5,649 CEA5,649
English First 5,000 CR5K
Enron 36,000 CEA36K (2)
Environmental Defense Fund 29,500 CEA16.5K (2) UC3K
ENEX Missions Group 79,673 AHHC71.614K LP8.059K
EngenderHealth 15,000 CEA5K ACWPHH10K
Epilepsy Foundation 35,000 ACND25K HH10K
Eureka Mission 13,738 FC13.738K (2)
Everglades Foundation 6,000 CEA6K
EWTN Global Catholic Network                        10,000  ASCD10K
Expedite                                            20,000  ACWPHH5kK (2)
CWDA5k (2)
Eye Bank Sight Restoration 35,000 UC15K (3) GB10K (2)
Eyes for the Blind 60,000 RRR10K DD10K CC20K(2)
Excelsior Youth Center 5,000 ACND5K
Explorers Club 10,000 RRR10K
Fairfax Symphony 10,000 CWA10K
Faith Metro Church 5,000 RRR5K
Families First 5,000 ACND5k
Family and Children's Service Mpls 20,000 RRR20K
Family Counseling Service 5,000 ACND5K
Family Gateway Fund 5,000 RRR5K
Family Service of Yonkers 15,750 RRR15.750K (3)
Family Resources Friends of Chilr 4,425 RRR4.425K
Far West Child Care 7,000 ACWPHH15K
Father Bills Place 10,000 ILP10K
Father Flanagans 190,000 CC30K (3) RRR5K UC5K
AH10K (2) CR20K (2)
Father Gruner’s Fatima Center 10,000 ASCD10K
FCB/TEA Town (OB) 6,190 RRR6,190K
Federation Protestant Welfare Agy 34,000 DD9K UC19k (3) TW6K
Feed Israel 5,000t IBD5K
Feed The Children 476.932 HH10k ACPHH35K (5)
AH20K AH20K (2)
APL40K (4) CH20K (2)
CAH20K (2) UC20 (2)
TW20k (2) OW20K (2)
DD20K (2) DL20K (2)
ICHD97.682K (6) LP20K (2)
GSH7.5K ACND25K (3)
Feed My people 5,000 HH5K
Feed the Hungry 15,000T LP10K AIJD1K CCJ1K
Feeding America 105,000 ICHD15K ASCD25k AHHS25k APL25K CEA15K
Fernbank Mus Nat Hist 10,000 CW10K
Fernside 8,300 ACND8.3K
Field Museum 10,000 APL10K
Fight For Sight 11,000 OW5K GTTB6K
Finca International 20,000 CFCS5K ILP5K ACWIPHH5K WW5K
Florence Crittenton Center 5,000 ACND5K
Florida Wildlife Federation 11,000 CEA11K
Flda Sherif Youth Ranches 15,000 ACND15K
Food and Friends 23,336 FCIAD23,336K (3)
Food Animal Concerns Trust 10,000 SAV10K
Food Bank Cooperative 12,026 ICHD12.026K
Food Bank of Oakland county 23,200 ICHD18.2K RRR5K
Food for Everyone Foundation 5,000 RRR5K
Food Shelf 10,500 RRR10.5K
Food Lifeline 5,000 APL2,750K RRR2,750K
Food Link 5,000 DD5k
Food For The Poor 109,991T APHH10K (2)
APL10K (2) UC5K
CFCS13.241K (2)
SP30K (2) LP 27.5K(2)
Fort Sanders 5,000 CWDA5K
Fndtn f/h Advncmnt CARDIAC Thrps 5,000 DRATG5K
Fragile Mistress Project 5,000 GJ2.5K CCJ2.5K
Fred Jordan Mission 10,000 AH10K
Freedom House 10,000 UC5K SV5K
Friends of Therapeutic Paralypic Sports Club
of Columbus. 5,000 GTTB5K
Friends of the Cathedral Basilica 11.529T CAH5KT ACND6.529K
Friends of the IDF 35,147 RJD35,147K (4)
Friends Of LPB 5,000 HH5K
Friends of the National Zoo 12,418 SAV3,661K CEA8,7757
Floating Hospital 5,000 CC5K
Foundation Fighting Blindness 5,000 GTTB5K
Foundation of Mother Teresa 5,000 DD5K
Foundation for the Junior Blind 5,000 CCJ5K
Fox Chase Cancer Center 7,500 FCIAD7.5K
Franciscan Fndtn for the Holy Land 30,000 COPTINEMAIL30K (2)
Franciscan Friars of the Atonement 25,000 CCJ5K GTPD5K RJ5K
Franciscian Missions 153,679 ASCD153.679K (2)
Franciscian Sisters of the Poor 145,000 AH55K (2)CAH60K (3)
Frank Lloyd Wright Fdn 5,000 RRR5K
Freedom Village USA 5,000 CW5K
Fresh Air Fund 85,750 CC10K (2) DD18K (3)
UC33k (5) ICHD14.75k (2)
Friends of Lousiana Public Service 10,000 HH10k
Friends of Seith (OB) 9,790 UC9.790K
Friends International Arts Cent (OB) 3,000 UC3K
FROM (OB) 5,000 UC5K
FTC Abandoned Baby Center 15,000 ACND15K
Fund for Democratic Majority 5,000 UC5k
Guardian Angel Academy 18,000 ASCD10K ICHC8K
Gatehouse Publication 5,000 MM5K
Gateway Literacy Prog 5,000 APL5K
General Israel Orphans Home 6,000 CCJ6K
Genesis Academy 10,000 UC10K
Georgian Court University 20,000 ASCD20K
Gerrie Schipske for Congress (OB) 5,000T RJD5K
GraphicSmith Associates 10,701 CWDA10,701K
Greater Chicago Food 10,000 HH10K
Greater Miami Jewish Fed 15,000 GJ7.5K TTJD7.5K
Gay Mens Health Crisis 10,000 CCJ10K
Gilette Children’s Hospital 10,000T GTAID10K
Gill Foundation 10,000T OW10K
Gillette Childrens Foundation 13,169 AfHHC13.169K (2)
Girls Incorporated 5,000 UC5k
Girls Vacation Fund 20,000 CR5K UC15K (2)
Girls' Town Chadash 10,000 CCJ10
Givat Haviva Educational Foundation 5,000T CCJ5K
Giving Heart 10,000T OJD10K
GlobalCatholic NetworksETWN 50,000 ASCH10K (9)
Global Water 5,000 HH5K
GOJO Industries 32,909T AHHC32.909 (2)
Good Shepard 25,000 GTAID15K (2) AHHC10K
Goodwill Greater NY 10,000 UC10K (2)
Goodwill Southern CA 10,000 LP5K AHHC5K
GoodWill of Ohio 16,350 RRR16.350K
Goodwill of Kentucky 20,000 AH20K (3)
Goodwill Consorcium 179,639 APL8K ACW74.411K
Gospel Center/Stockton Rescue Miss 5,820 RRR5.820K
GPTV 10,005 CEA10,005K
Crace Prybyterian Ministries 5,000 AHHCD5K
Grand Casino 5,216 HR5.216
Graham Windham School 5,000 UC5K
Grand Street Settlement 3,000 UC3k
Gratitude House 5,000 TW1K CWAD4K
Graymoor                                            12,000  ASCD12K
Gray Panthers Project Fund                          15,000  UC10K (2) CR5K
Greenberg Quinlan Research Inc 10,000 LP10K
Green Door 4,418 ICHD4,418K
Greenpeace 25,000 HH10K PET10K CWDA5K
Guggenheim Museum 10,000 CWA10k (2)
Guide Dog Foundation 43,704 OW10K GTTB33,695K (4)
Guide Dogs for the Blind 10,000 GTTB10K
Guide Dogs of the Desert 11,000 GTTB11K
Guiding Eyes for the Blind 125,000 CC25k UC80K (3)
Guthrie Theatre 3,000 CC3k
Habitat for Humanity 1,314,411 AHHCD20K DD108.357 (7)
UC71,666 (5)CWA13.333K
DL94.353K(10)TW52,232k (4)
AH53.333K (4)OW97.904K (4)
LP113.9k(6) CC284K (2)
CH20K(2) SFCXCD12.5K
Habitat for Humanity NY                              9,867  ICHD9.867K
Habitat for Humanity Twin City 10,000 RRR10K (2)
Habitat for Humanity Denver 5,000 RRR5K
Hadassa 26,000 TTJ7.5K GJ18.5K (2)
Hadley School for the Blind 15,000 RRR10k GTTB5K
Haifa Foundation 10,000 CCJ10K
Hale House 10,000 DD5K UC5K
Hamptons Expo Group 14,988 CWA9.393 WAWA5,595K
Hanna Neil Center 23,130 ANCD23,130 (3)
Hand Gun Control 68,500 UC10K DD15K (2) OW25K(2)
DL7.5K ((cea5K))
Hands Across Africa Inc 10,000 ACWPHH5K LP5K
Hanna Boys Center 70,000 DD15K (2) RRR55K (3)
Harbor ucla research & ed Inst 10,000 FC10K (2)
Harborview Medical Center 10,000 APL10K
Harvard Women's Health Watch 12,000 CEA6K AHHC6K
Hathaway Children and Family Ser 9,000 ACND9K
Hatian Refugee 20,000 RRR20K
Haven of Rest Rescue Mission 13,148 RRR6.684k AH6.464K
Healthcare for the Homeless 5,000 AWIPHH5K
Healthcare for Women 5,000 APPO5K
Heartland 70.1 DL5K CC65.100K(3)
Heartspring 5,000 RRR5K
Heifer Project International 20,556 GTPD15K LP5.556K
Helen Harris 15,000T APL5k GTTB5k ADCD5K
Helen Keller Services for the Blind 27,753 GTTB27,753K (4)
Help Hospital Veterans 21,000 SVF6K AHHC15K (3)
Helping Families in Chrisis 5,000 OW5K
Helping Hands 15,000 OW5K AHHC5K RRR3K
Help International 6,000 ILP6K
Hemlock Society USA 5,000 CWDA5K
Hemophilia Foundation 8,000 OW8K
Herbert Lehman Education Fund 20,000 UC20k
Heritage Foundation 15,000T CR15K (3)
Heritage Alliance                                    5,000T CR5K
Heroes Fund                                          5,000  CCJ5k
Hillel 7.5 AIID7.5K
Hillside Children’s Center 5,000 ANCD5K
Historical Preservation of America 10,000 CR10k
Holocaust Memorial Museum 35,000 AID35K (3)CCJ5K
Holsten Home for Children 20,669 ACND5K RRR12,836 (2)
Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen 50,000 ICHD15k (2) ACWPHH15K (2)
AH10K (2) CK10K (2)
Holy Bible 20,000 ASCD10K AH10K
Holy Family Hospital 11,000 ACWPHH11K
Holyland Christ Miss Child Internat 20,000 CC10K DD10k
Hope Childrens Centre Uganda 5,000 ILP5K
Hope Samaritan Village 5,000 DRWTG5K
Hopewell Center 1,000 RRR1K
Hospic Consortium 5,000 OW5K
Hospice of N Vir 43,504 OW23,904K (2)
FCIAD14,6K (2) CHH5K
Hospice of the Piedmont                              5,000  DDTHDCI5K
Hospital Alliance 46,445 ILP15,230K (3) AH5.078K
FC10.073K (2) RRR16.064K (3)
Hospital for Special Surgery 10,000 UC10K (2)
Hospital Hospitality House 5,000 RRR5K
Hospital Houston 90,000 RRR90K (2)
Hospitality House 5,000 RRR5K
House of Ruth Maryland, Inc 8,495 ACND8.495K
Howard Brown Health center 17.593 CWDA17.593K
Hudson River Sloap Clear Water 5,000 UC5k
Humane Farming Association 10,000 SAV5K CEA5K
Humane Society International 5,000 CEA5K
Humane Society - Locals 81,254 CEA81.254K (6)
Humane Society of the US 145,855 CEA14,795K (2) HH29.060(2)
PET57K (2) (2)
RRR45K (2)
Human Resources (OB) 20,000 UC20k (2)
Human Rights Watch 5,000T LP5K
Impower America (Jack Kemp) 10,000 APL10K
IPM Advancement 5,000 CWDA5K
Independence Center 6,500 DRAWTG6.5k
Independent Adoption 5,000 DD5K
Indiana Arts 4.341 RRR4.341k
Indiana Botanic Gardens 10,000 AOH10K
Inglis Foundation 6,451 ICHD6.451K
Inner City Scholarship Fund 26,000 ICHD16K (2) ASCD10K (2)
Innovative Teleserve Inc 10,000T FCIAD10K
Instant Improvement (OB) 5,000 UC5K
Institute for Contemporary Studies 5,300T CR5K
Inst FR Multi Culture & Min Med 55,000 UC10K OW10K DD10K
Institute for Medical Research 5,000 DD5K
Institute for Science and Haiacha 5,000T CCJ1K GJ1K
Interfatih Aids Ministry Inc 5,000 CWDA5K
Interfaith Counseling Center 5,000 CWDA5K
Interfaith Hunger Appeal (OB) 25,000 HH10K CCJ15K (2)
International Bible Society 20,000 ACWAIPHH20K
International Campaign for Tibet 10,000 CEA10k (2)
International Catholic Migration 10,000 APL5k AH5K
International Center Develop Policy 5,000 UC5K
International Center for Drug Relief 5,000T CU1K OW1K AH1K ASCD1K
International Center for Disabled 5,000 DL5K
International Children’s Fund 10,000 RRR10K
International Church Relief 10,000 CC5k ACPHH5K
International Conservation Caucus FN 11,000 CEA11K
International Eye Foundation 5,000 ACWIPHH5K
International Fellowship Xtian & Jew 92,581 ILP27,581K (2)
International Medical Corp 10,000 ACWIPHH5K LP5K
International Myeloma Foundation 5,000 FCIAD5K

International Phys. For 15,000 CD15K
Prevention of Nuclear war
International Planned Parenthood 7,500 ACUIP)HH7.5K
International Platform Association 5,000 TW5K
International Fund for Animal Wel 17,000 DD7K CC5K
International Rescue Mission 1,586,160 WWWD5K ACWPHH5K
ICHD15K (2) ILP120,327K (2)
RRR1,136.676K (5)
UC10k (2) TTJ10k
OW50K AHHC36.824K
GTPD47.323K DD10K
Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation 5,000 RRR5K
Iowa Peace Institute (ob) 5,000 ALB5K
Ireland Cancer Center Cleveland 5,660 FCIAD5.660K
Irish Georgian Society 6,500 CW6K
Irish Right to Life Fletel 10,000 AH10K
Irvine Nature Center 6,823 CEA6.823K
Israel Airforce Center Foundation 5,000 IBD5K
Israel Cancer Research Fund 31,800 CCJ5k UC26.8k (4)
Israel Capital for One Gvrnmnt (OB) 14,000 CCJ14K (2)
Israel Ed Relief Society 45,000 DD5k CCJ15k (3)
ccc TW5K UC5K CWA10k(2)
Israeli Defence Fund 5,000 RJ5K
Izaak Walton League of America 10,000 CCJ 10K (2)
Jane Goodall Institute 20,000 SAV15K ECP5K
Jasmics Foundation 5,000T DD5K
J C Penny 10,000 CC10K
Jerusalem Foundation 10,000 CCJ10K (2)
Jerusalem Post 5,000 CCJ5K
Jewish Agency for Israel 37,983 JD15.698K (2)JR16.285K (2) AIJD6K
Jewish Big Brothers 10,000 RJ5K GJ5K
Jewish Braille Inst 42,300 GJ10K CCJ25K (4)
UC7.3K (2)
Jewish Community Relations Council 3,033 RJ3.033K
Jewish Council for Aged 5,000 DD5K
Jewish Family Coalition 1,600 TT1,6K
Jewish Federation of Grtr Wsh DC 13,529 AJD8.529KAIJD5k
Jewish Guild for the Blind 30,000 CCJ20K (2) DD5K UC5K
Jewish Home A Hospital 24,083 CCJ12.041K GJ12.042K
Jewish National Fund 1,059,389 CCJ977,141K (26)
RRR20K (2) UC26.400k(3)
GJ35.848K (2)
Jewish Institute Nat Security Affa 5,000 CCJ5K
Jewish Museum 25,167 UC12.167 (2) CCJ8k(2)
Jewish Voice Ministries International 10,000 ACWIPHH10K
Jewish War Veterans 32,389 CCJ17.500 (4) UC5K
Jewish Outreach Program 5,000 GJ5K
Jewish Welfare Board 5,000 UC5k
JFK Library Foundation 11,930 DD11.930K
Jobs for Youth 13,500 UC10.5K (3) DD3k
Jobs for Youth boston 5,000 UC5K
Johns Hopkins Hospital 80,000 RRR10K UC15K (2)
CEA10K OW15K (2)
John Wiley 10,000E ACWPHH10K
Joslin Diabetes 5,000 OW5K
Jungle Friends/Primate Sanctuary 5,000 CEA1,250K SAV1,250K
TW1,250K UC1,250K
Junior Achievement of Az 5,000 RRRWC5K
Just Say No to drugs Intrntnl (OB) 20,000 CR10K CC10k
Kabbalat Childrens Academy 31,145 TTJ21.145K (3)
Kansas City Aids Consortium (OB) 5,000T CWDA5K
Kansas City Hospice 10,000 APL5K RRR5K
Kansas City Mission 10,104 AH10.104K
Kansas City Zoo 6,655 RRR6.655K
Kapioiani Foundation 5,000 RRR5K OW0.120K
Karamanos Cancer Institute 12.6T FCIAD12.6K (2)
KCET Public TV 73,147 ENHH10K RRR 53.147(2)
Kennedy Hospital 10,000 RRR10K
Keren-Or 43,000 CCJ20k (3) UC3k TW10K
Keystone Ministries Inc 10,000T ACND5K FCIAD5K
Kids Cancer Connection 9,499 RRRW9,499K
Kids International 9,000T AH9K (2)
Kidspeace 15,000 ACND15K
Kingston House Merrimac Mission 17,036 AH17.036 (2)
Komen Breast Cancer Fund 5,000 FCIAD5K
Kempe children”s Foundation 3,913 RRRCW3.913K
KQED 10,000 LP10K
KPOS Positive Radio 5,000 BR5K
Labor Zionist Alliance 6,000 CCJ6K
Laboratory of Ornithology (OB) 5,000 UC5k
LA Children’s Hospital 5,000 ACND5K
LadyBird Johnson Wildflower FDN 5,000 CEA5K
Lakewood Hospital 21,000 RRR21k
Lakota Express 5,000T UC5K
LA Regional Food Bank 5,500 AH5.5K
La Sallette Missionary Assoc 30,000 ASCD30K
Lathem Foundation 10,000 RRR10K
Law Enforcement Officers 15,000 AF15K (2)
Leader Dogs for the Blind 109,880 DD10.88K OW10k
GTTB42K (2) AHHC42K(2)
Leadership, Education, Ath, Part 5,853 UC5.853K
Legionaries of Christ 74,500 SV14.5K APL15K
ASCD45K (2)
Legal Aid Society 5,000 RRR5K
League of Human Dignity 5,000 CHH5K
League of Women Voters 10,000 TW10k
Lenox Hill Neighborhood 10,000 UC10K (2)
Lessig Group (home for the elderly) 6,273 TTJ6.273K
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 40,000 ACND12.5K FCIAD12.5K OW15K
Leukemia Society of America 54,481 UC4K SFCXCD12K FC12K
OW4,481K (2) ACND12K
Liberty Alliance 5,000 GTPD5K
Life Extension 47,000 AOH32K (4) OW10K (2) BPAD5K
Life For Kids 5,000 AH5K
Life Path Hospice 21,885 OW12.099K (2)
CWDA9.786K (2)
Lifespire 5,000 AH5K
Life to Life 5,000T CCJ5K
Lifewater International 5,000 RRR5K
Lighthouse - Houston 8,169 CCJ8,169K
Lighthouse Ministries 15,000 HH15K
Lighthouse International 30,800 GTTB30.8K (5)
Lighthouse 32,032 GTTB32.032K (2)
Lighthouse of marin 5,000 RRR5K
Lincoln Health/Marley House 5,000 ACND5K
Lincoln Park Zoo 5,000 SAV5K
Literacy Volunteers of Long Isla 4,600 UC4.600K
Little Bros Friends of Elderly 58,250 LP5K GTTB5K CWDA17.5k(2
RRR20.75K (2)
Little Sisters of the Assumption 12,000 ICHD12K
Living Wellness Foundation 5,000T CW1k RRRWC1k DL1K ACW1k WW1K
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer 11,000 FC11K
Louis Gestetner (OB) 10,000 CCJ10K
Loyola Medical Center 15,000 AH15K
Los Angeles Free Clinic 25,000 LP10K ICHD5K DD5K ACND5K
Los Angeles Library 5,000 CWA5K
Los Angeles Mission 30,000 AH15k (2) RRR15K
Los Angeles Youth Network 10,000 ANCD/RRR10K
Los Angeles Womens Foundation 10,000 ACND5K TW5K
Lubavitch Youth 20,000 UC5k CCJ5k GJ5K DD5K
Lupus Foundation of America 20,000T OW20K
Lupus Foundation of America MN Chptr 5,000 GTTB5K
Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Srvc 5,000 ILP5K
Lutheran Social Service 7,500 GTPD7.5K
MPcPherson PTV-TPT 5,000 CWDA5K
Mailing List Concepts 5,000 RRR5K
Mailing List Plus 6,000 RRR6K
Make a Wish 254,888 ILP15K AHHC143K (3)
FCIAD55K (2)
Mamas Kitchen 15,948 ACND.172K AHHC5.232K
GIAID8.620K CD.l84K
CWDA1.071K DD.133K
GJ.195K acw.441K
Manhattan Jaycees Foundation (OB) 5,000 CWA5K
Manna Houising for People 10,000 DD5K DL5K (2)
MAP International 14.5 ACWPHH7.5k DWD7K
March Of Dimes 253,000 APL5K AHHC40K
SP10K LP10K(2)
OW40.5k (2) AH25k (2)
ACND45K (3) CH8K
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation 30,000 APL30K (2)
Marine Toy's for Tots 50,000 WW50K
Marine Veterans Hospital-Michigan 10,000 OW10K
Marianist Missions 8,000 APL8K
Marion Helpers 50,000 ASCD50K
Marion Joy Donors 12,000 OW12k
Market Services inc 10,500 ACND5K
Martha's Table 5,000 ACWIPHH5K
Marketing Support Systems 5,000T CEA5K

Maryknoll Fathers& Brothers 1,021,000 APL10K RRR10K SAV10K
ACND912K (11)SCD14K
Maryknoll Sisters M A Faithful 190,000 AH20K (2) CEA20K (2)
CWDA30K (2) RRR10K
Maryland Food Bank 7,500 GH7.5K
Massachusetts Audubon Society 29.855 DL9.355K CEA20.5K (3)
Massachusetts General Hospital 90,684 FCIAD48,181K (4)
SFCXCD18.5K OW15.335K (2)
CH12,668K (2)
Massachusetts Police Association 10,000 ACND5K APL5K
Mass Prevent of Cruelty to Children 10,000 RRRWC5K ACND5K
Mayo Clinic Found Med Ed & Res 92,000 CC10K OW32K (3)
Mays Mission 22,500 ACND7.5k CHH15K
MD Anderson 13,500 RRR7.5K FC6K
MDICC                                                6,200  CFCS6.2K
Meals for Millions 18,000 DD8K (2) CC10K (2)
Meals on WheelsCentral MD 5,000 CHH5K
Meals on Wheels/Isaac Center 12,594 DDT5k DD7.594K (2)
Meals on Wheels Texas 19,038 RRR19.038K
Medic One Foundation 10,852 OW10.852K
Medical Mission Sisters 36,000 APL10K ACWPHH20K
Memorial Blood Centers 5,000 OW5K
Memorial Sloan Kettering 456,000 OW15K DD27k (4)
CWA10k CC15k (2)
UC295K (11) CCJ74K (3)
HH20K (2)
Memphis Union Mission 5,000 GTPD5K
Menninger 76,000 CCJ30k (3) RRR10K
Mentor Kids USA 9,148 ACND9.148K
Mercy Home 10,000 APL5K GJ5K
Mercy Home for Boys and Girls 35,000 AH10K ACND10K
Metro Atlanta recovery Residences 5,000 SVF5K
Methodist Children's Hospital 86,123 ACND20,601K (2)
GTPD35,100K (2)
Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric 20,000 TTJ20K GJ8,640K
Metropolitan Jewish Health System                   10,381  CCJ10.381K 
Metropolitan Opera Association 55,000 CWA10K UC45K
Metropolitan NY Right To Life 5,000 AH5K
Metro Arts Co-op 5,489 HH5,489
Metro Ministries WCDR 5,000 ICHD5K
Metro Police Boys and Girls 5,772 HH5.772K
Mexican American Legal Defense OB 10,000 SP10K
Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation 10,000 RRRWC10K
Miami Rescue Mission 21,333 AH21.330 (2)
Miami Sylvester Cancer Center 5,000 FCIAD5K
MIAMI Project to Cure Paralysis 20,000 CWDA10K UC10K
Midnight Mission 15,000 ICHD5k RRR10K
Midwest Health Center for Women 10,000 RRR10k
Millionaire Club Charity 48,985 ASCD10K ACWPHH38,985K (2)
Milwaukee Rescue Mission 12,981 FCIAD12,981K
Minnesota Public Radio KPCC 5,000 CEA5K
Minnesota Wild Life Heritage Found 12,963 CR12.963K
Miracle Flights for Kids 10,000 ACND10K
Misericordia Home 5,000 CR5k
Missions & Field Banks 10,000 HH10K
Mission Community Legal Defense 7,503 RRR7.503
Mission Outreach 303,914 FCIAD53.963K (2) INHD9.158K
AHHCD66,872K (3)
Missionaries of Africa 10,000 CWA5K DD5K
Missionhurst 10,000 HH10K
Missions (various city) 858,249 AH9.148 HH90K (2)
RRR199.413K (5)
ACND36.809 (4)
CAH71.263K (5)
ACWPHH152,632K (4)
FC18.219K (2)DD49.690K(2)
ICHD32,617K LP90,144K
Missions and Food Banks 20,000 HH20K (2)
Moffitt Cancer Centers 10,000 AHHCD10K FCIAD10K
Monastery of Our Lady of the Desert 5,000 ASCD5K
Montachusett Veterans Outreach Cent 5,000T RRR5K
Montana Rescue Mission 5,000 RRR5K
Montgomery County Assoc of Blind 35,000 GTTB15k GTAID15K
Morningside House Nursing Home (OB) 15,000 UC15K (3)
Mosdos Chut Shel Chessed 5,000 IBD5K
Mothers Against Drunk Driving 114,000 DD20k TW34KT (5)
CR20k (2) APL20KT(3)
Mound Bayou Community Hospital 3,000 UC3k
Mouth and Foot Painting Artists 25,000 GTTB25K
Mt Sinai Medical Ctr 19,000 CCJ16.5 (3) UC2.5
Mugoya Bakita Vocational 5,000 RRR3K ASCD2K
Multiple Sclerosis 45.5 AHH22.75K (2) CHH15K
Municipal Arts Society 10,000 UC10k
Muscular Dystrophy Assoc 143,908 ACND65K (2) CCJ13.908
DD10k CR20k UC10
CC10k ILP15K
Museum of Fine Arts Boston 12,915 CC12.915K
Museum of Jewish Heritage 41,000 AIJD26K (2) GJ5K AJD10K
Museum of Science 5,000 RRR5K
Mystic Valley Elder Services 5,000 HR5K
NAACP 58.157 CCJ10K (2) UC15K (3)
TW5K DL12.657 DD5K
ICHD10.5K (2)
National Abortion Rights Action 10,000 UC10K (2)
National Adoption Center 5,000 ACND5K
National American Red Cross 105,000 APL25k OW20K CWDA20K
National Arbor Day 20,000 CEA 10K GJ10K
National Arthritus Foundation 28,000 AHHC10K OW18K (2)
National Assoc Uniformed Services 18,325 CHH12K (2) RRR6.325K
National Audubon 27,500 EN/HH8K SAV8K
CEAT36.54K (4)
National Benevolent Assoc 5,000 RRR5K
National Braille Press 5,000 CHH5K
National Camps for Blind Children 207,959 GJ5K DD35K (4) CH10K(2)
TW10K (2) CC5K
GTTB107.959K (4)
OW25K (3) APL10K
National Cancer 312,235 GTAICD50K GTTB10K DD7K
FCD158,013AK (6)
CAH25,222K (2)
National Cancer Lab 10,000 RRR10K (2)
National Cancer Center 101,000 DD20k (2) AH10k
RRR20k (2) UC10K
OW68k (4)
National Childrens Fund 5,000 OW5K
national Comm Rspnsbl Philanthropy 10,000 DL10K
National Comm Preserve SS&Medicare 10,000 CC10k
National Comm Prevent Child Abuse 5,000 UC5K
National Council Negro Woman 3,000 UC3k
National Council of Jewish Women 20,000 GJ8.3K AIJD11.7K
National Council of Synagogue Youth 5,000T GH5K
National Conference Synagogue Youth 15,000T CCJ5K GJ5K AIJD5K
National Council on Alcholism 5,000 DD5k
National Council Crime Delinquency 5,000 UC5K
National Diabetes 7,000 ILP7K
National Easter Seal Society 15,000 SP15K
National Emergency Medicine 10,000 GSH5K CAH5K
National Jewish Coalition 10,000 CCJ10K (2)
National Foundation Cancer Research 45,000 CH10k CC10K UC15K (3)
National Geographic Soc 37,000 CEA22K HH15K PET15K
National Hypertension 3,000 CWA3k
National Indian Youth Council 10,000 UC10K (2)
National Integrative Cancer Ed & res 5,000T FC5K
National Jewish Hospital at Denver 195,980 CCJ65K (7) DD15K (3)
UC75.980 (8) RRR5
CC10K (2) TW10K (2)
National Jewish Institute/Hospic 5,000 CCJ5
National Kidney Foundation 66,520 OWA5.65K FCIAD11k (2)
OW14.890K (2)
National Kidney Fdn of NE NY 10,544T OW2k FCIAD7,554k (2) WW1K
Ntnl Law Enforcement Officers Mem F 18,000 FCIAD18K
National Leukemia Assoc Inc 75,000 UC10K (2) RRR5K TW5K
OW15K (2)AH10K DD10K
CAH10K (2) FC10K (2)
National Marrow Donor Program 10,000 FCIAD10K
National Multiple Sclerosis 120,000 UC20K (2)dd10K GTTB10K
CHH35K (2)CWDA10k
National Museum/Women in arts 11,635 TW11.635K
National Organization for Women 12,000 CC6K (2) DL3K DD3K
National Osteoporosis Fdn 27.5 AHHC5K TW5K OW17.5K (3)
National Pac 5,000 CCJ5K
National Park and Conservation 22,000 CEA10K (2)GTTB7K
National Parkinson Foundation 10,000 AHHC10K
National Parks Foundation 12.5 CEA12.5K (2)
National Preserve Social Security 30,000 OW10K CC20 (2)
National Prolife 30,000 ASCD 5k APL10k (2)
National Promotional Services 6,000 GTTB6K
National Republican Senator Comm 12,500 CR12.5K (2)
National Republican Congressional 82,000 CR43Kt (6) APL19Kt(2)
National Resources Council of Maine 5,674 CEA5,674K
National Resources Defense Council 51,200 CEA15K SAV15K UC8K (2)AHHC5.9K
National Right to Life 146,000T CCD6K CH10k CC40K(3)
CW15K(2)TW10K CR25K(4)
AH25M&T (3)
National Right to Work 17,000 CR17K (3)
National Senior Citizen 5,000 CHHC5K
National Shrine St Anthony & St Jude 14,000 SP9K ASCD5K
National Soc for Hebrew Day Sch 15,000 CCJ16K
National Soc for Prev Blindness 40,000 CH10K UC15K (2) CR10k(2)
National Stoke association 10,000 SFCXCD10K
National Tree Trust 7,000 CEA7K
National TelephoneVictim CallCenter 5,000T MI5K
National Urban League 16,000 UC11K (3) ICHD5K
National Wildlife Federation 130,500 DD6K UC5K CC5K CEA86K(5)
SAV28.5K (2)
National Wild Life Assoc 35,500 SAVE15.5K PET30K
Nation's Missing Children 10,000T ASCD/CWDA/CEA10KT
Native American Rights Fund 118,000 UC10k (2) DD5K
Native American Heritage Ass 195,000T ACWPHH10K UC10K (2)
DD105K (2) RRR20K (2)
Native American Scholarship Fund 160,000 GJ10K AH60K (2)
APL60K (2)
Natpac 5,000 CCJ5K
Natural Resource Defense Council 29,074 CEA19.074K OW10K
Nature Conservancy 29,000 SAV10K AHHC7K GTTB7K APL5K
Navajo Nation Health Foundation 3,000 UC3k
Navy Memorial 30,000 CC30K (2)
Nemours Prtnrshp fr Chldrn's Hlth 10,000 FCIAD10K
New Direction Outreach Child Welfare 5,000 ACND5K
New Life 5,000 UC5K
Newman Connection 25,000 CCD15K
Newport Creative Com 5,000 APL5K
New Mexico Boys Ranch 5,000 RRR5K
New Jersey Food Bank 30,000 RRR30K
New York Associated Blind 121,800 DD15K (3) UC72.3k (6)
CC24.5K (2) GTTB10K
New York Blood Center 5,000 CAH5k
New York Botanical Gardens 20,000 CWA5K RRR15 (3)
New York Cares 12,000 ICHD5K RRRWC7K
New York City Opera 10,176 CWA10.176K (2)
New York City Rescue Mission 5,000 OW5K
New York Civil Liberties Union 15.5 UC8k (2) TW7.5K
New York Committee Young Audiences 5,000 UC5K
New York Eye and Ear Infirmary 5,000 UC5k
New York Foundling Hospital 5,000 AH5K
New York Heart Association 37,000 UC37k
New York Hospital-Cornelle Med Cen 38,000 UC33K (7) HH5K
New York Institute for special ed 17,821 GTTB17.821K (2)
New York Philharmonic 51,362 CWA20K (2) APL11.362
New York Republican State Committee 10,000 CR10K
New York State Democratic Party 32,385 UC32.385K
New York Public Library 302,000 CWA5 UC282k (11)
CC10k (2) DD5K
New York Weill Cornell 20,000 RRR10K OW10K
New York Zoological Society 138,000 UC133K (7) CC5
Night Ministry 347,804 ACND34.636K (4)
ICHD30K (2)
SH10k A10K c10K
cv10K CY10k HC10K
Norbertine Fathers 6,000 AH6K
Norte Dame Indian Mission 5,000 ACWIPHH5k
North Carolina Food Bank/Uplift 21,946 ACWPHH21,946K
Northeast Animal Shelter 5,000 SAV5K
North Shore Animal League 50,500 SAEAD7.5IK APPO12K
North Shore University Hospital 10,000 AH10K
North Texas Food bank 45,399 DRAWTG45.399K
Northwest Community Hospital 5,000 OW5K
Noah's Ark Children Care Homes 10,025 RRR6.327K ACND3.698K
Now Legal Defense 10,000 UC5k TW5K
Nyack Hospital Fdn 5,000 CH5K
Oakland SPCA 5,000 APL5K
Oblate Missions 75,000 APL20K SP35k (4)
Ohio Historical 10,000 RRR10k
Ohio Right to Life 5,626 ASCD5,626K
Ohr La Yehudim 10,000 IBD10K
Ohr Torah Institute 10,000 CCJ 10 (2)
Oklahoma City Food Bank 12,575 RRR6.5K ACWPHH6.075K
Olympic Committee 1,191.44 CC744.438 (14) AH300k(2)
CAH30k RRR50K (4)
Omaha Boys 10,000 HH10K
Open Doors with Brother Andrew 8,000 GTPD8K
Open University 40,000 OS40K (4)
Opera News 5,000 CWA5K
Operation Food Search 15,000 DD5K RRR10K
Operation Lookout 30,000 ACWIPHH2.5K FC2.5K
ACND10K (2)
UC2K DD7K (2) TW1K
Operation Shanti 20,000 GTTB15K ACWIPHH5K
Operation Smile 135,381 GTTB55.881K (4)
ACND32K (2) CAH10K (2)
Opinion Access Corp 5,000T AJD5K
Opportunities for the Blind 10,000 UC5K CH5K
Opportunities Industrial Center (OB) 3,000 CCJ3K
Optometric Center of NY 5,000 UC5K
Oregon Public Broadcashing 5,171 RRR5.171K
Orange County Rescue Mission Inc 132,194 RRR127.194K (3)
Orbis Int'l 15,000 SGH10K APL5K
Our Lady of the Angels 10,000 APL10K
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy 10,000 ASCD10K
Our Lady of the Snows 73.2 ASCD36.2k (3) APL21K(2)
Our Lady Victory Homes of Charity 10,000 ASCD10K
Our Sunday Visitor 10,000T ASCD10Kt
Outer Caple Health Service 5,000 RRR5K
Overlook Ministries 5,000 DRAWTG5K
Oxfam America 155,000 ACND15K TDEF65K AHHC5K
UC20K (2) CC5K k (2) CC5K
LP22.5K (2) ACWPHHH7.5K
Pacific Cancer 10,000 RRR5K AHHC5K
Pacific Legal Foundation 5,000 CR5K
PAL Philadelphia 70,186 RRR37.052 (3)
CC5k 10.558 GJ (2)
PAL 183,660 UC118.660 (11) CC40k(4)
DD20k (4) DL5K
Paulist Fathers 5,000 ASCD5K
Pan American Development Foundation 10,000 UC10K
Para Los Ninos 24,252 ACND13.748K (3)
Paralyzed Veterans of America 326,000 APL20K LP95K (3)
AHHC60K (4) UC25K (2)
CHH20K GTTB25k (2)
Parenting donor 6,595 RRR6.595K
Parker Group Sculptor Art 10,000 AH10K (2)
Partners in Vision International(OB) 12,000 HH5K OS7K
Partnership for the Homeless 10,000 ICHD10K
Passionist Ministery 10,000 ASCD10K
Pathfinder Village 15,000 UC5k SS10k (2)
Peacecorp 30,502 ACWPHH6.65K
Pearl S Buck Foundation 10,000 UC5k DD5K
Penn and Schoen 20,000 CCJ20K (2)
People for the American Way 90,000 CCJ65K (5) DD5k CR5k
Perkins School for the Blind 15,000 HH5K (2) ACND5K
Pet Philanthropy Circle 5,000 APPO5K
Philabundance 6,000 ACWPHH6K
Phoenix outreach youth center tx 5,000 RRRWC1K IN2K ACND2K
Phoenix House Foundation Inc 5,000 UC5K
Physicians for Human Rights 10,000 HH10K
Pikes Peak Fndtn for Mental Health 5,000 RRR5K
Pine Street Inn 15.5 ICHD15.5K (2)
Planned Parenthood Federation of Am 11,000 UC8K (2) DD3K
Plenty Ambulance Service (OB) 6,000 UC6K
Plymouth Housing Group 14,800 RRR14,800K
Police Corp (OB) 5,000 UC5K
Polycystic Kidney Disease 15,000 CH7.5K OW7.5k
Pope John Paul Academy 5,095 AH5,095
Population Balance 10,000 CR10K
Population Research Institute 5,000 RCD5K
Potato Project 10,000 UC10K
Presbyterian Children Service 11,500 HHC/LP11.5K
Pressley Ridge 5,924 ANCD5.924K
Prevent 25,000 UC15K (2) DD5K CCJ5K
Prevent Blindness America 37,845 GTTB37.845K (4)
Prevent Child Abuse Indiana 8,144 ABND5,114K UC3,030K
Priestly Fraternity of St Peter 26,000 AH26K
Priests of the Sacred Heart 70,000 APL20K (2)CAH10K (2)
SP10K (2) ASCD10K
Prime NY 5,800 DD5.8K
Prisoners Visitation & Support 5,000 ICHD2.5 UC2.5K
Prison Fellowship 76,385 APL15K CR15.385 DD16k
AH20K (2) CW10K (2)
Private Redempton Foundation 5,000T RJ5K
Product Development (OB) 5,000 CR5K
Project Bread 11,357 ICHD11.357K (2)
Project Concern 15,000 OW10K CR5K
Project Hope 126,000 OW10K HH10K CR25k (3)
DD33K (3) UC3k CC30k (2)
Project Open Hand's 10,000 CWDA10K
Project Tanzania 5,000 SP5K
Promise International 5,000 ACWPHH5K
Prostate Cancer Foundation 10,000 AFHHC10K
Prostata/GH3 17,000 CAH17K
PBS 195,627 AHHC32,840K CEA94.647 (10)
LP20,496K (2)
CWDA32,184K (2)
Ccj4,929K ABND10,461K
Protel 20,000 OS10K (2) MM10k (20)
Providence Health Foundation 12,036 CVCD12,036K
PTV 21,000 CEA21K (2)
Public Broadcasting KRMA, KVIE, WPB A25,000 CWDA15K OW10K
Public Citizen Health News Letter 20,000 OW20K (2)
Public Action 5,000 ED5K
Public Opinion strategies 32,600 ASCD32.6B (3)
Puerto Rican Assoc Community Affair 3,000 UC3K
QPB Public TV 6,242 E/HH6.242K
Raoul Wallenberg 5,000 GJ5K
Rebuilding Together Alexandra 5,000 ACW5K
Recordings for the Blind Consult 110,000 Gttb10K UC95k (7) CC5K
Red Cloud Indian School 20,000 HH20K (2)
Red Farm Studio Cres 20,000 CEA20K
Redlands Christian Migrant Ass 10,000 SP5K ACND3k
Regional Food Banks Of Oklahoma 13,526 RRR13,526K
Republican Nat Coalition for Life 12,500 CR10K AF2.5K
Rehab Inst of Chicago 10,007 AHHC10K
RekindleHope inAfrica 10,000T ILP10K
Rema Hort Mann Foundation 10,000 FCIAD10K
Religious Freedom Coalition 5,000 ARR5K
Republican Natl Com 47,500 RDTPAC10K
LN7.5K CR30K (4)
Republican Senate Camp/Phil Gramm 10,000 CR10k
Republican State Parties/Candidates 30,463 CR20,463K (2)
Republican Presidential Campaign 5,000 CR5k
Republican Natl Committee 52,000 CC30K (4) CR10K (2)
Republican Presidential Campaign 20,000 CW20K (2)
Republicans for Choice 20,000 CR20k (2)
Resuce Americas Disadvantaged Child 5,000 ACND5K
Rescue Mission (Union Gospel) 1,169,636 ICHD9.158KE ICHD18K
AH70.139K(4) RRR265.867K(7)
APL15,902K (4)
FCIAD416.022 (7)
LP15,472K (2) AHHC10.942K (2)
GTPD301,595K (6)
Retired Enlisted Assoc 442.51 CR53K (2) DL26K (2)
CHH6K RRR363.51 (5)
Rheumatoid Disease Fdtn 5,000 RRR5K
Rhode Is Comm food bank 36.108 RRR30,453 (2)
Rising Generation PAC 5,000 DL5K
ROAR 21,000 SAV21K(2)
Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society 5,000T RJ5KT
Roots On Campus 5,000T IBD2.5k CCJ2.5K
Ronald Mcdonald House s NJ 10,000 FCIAD10K (2)
Ronald McDonald House Mid-MO 45,969 AHHC25,642 (2)
CHH14.327K (2) CAH6K
Ronald McDOnald House TX 10,000 AHHC5K FC5K
Ronald McDonald House WA 31,132 OW31,132K(3)
Ronald McDonald House WA 10,000 OW5K (2)
Round About Theater 5,000 CWA5K
Rural Advancement Fund 5,000 UC5k
Sacramento Hab for Humanity 8,000 LP8K
Sacramento Public Library 14,000 APL7K LP7K
Sacred Heart League 30,000 CAH20K (2) ASCD10K
Safe Horizon 33,097 ACND33,097k (3)
Safekids, inc Olympic videos 5,000T CC5K
Safe Streets Coalition/Sentencing(ob) 5,000 AHHC5K
Salesian Mission 21,000 HH6K SP5k AH10K (2)
Salvation Army 1,709,825 ICHD69,995K (2)
OW671.978K (3)
APL5559.133K (7)
RRR580,130K (14)
AHHC268,646K (9) UC5k
AH13,211K (2) ILP78.926K (3)
Salvation Army Sierra Del Mar 7,406 ICHD7.406
Salute American Heroes 5,000 ASCD5K
Samaritan Inn 10,000 UC5K ICHD5K
Samaritan Village foundation 5,000 UC5K
San Diego ZOO 5,000 CEA5K
San Francisco Aids Foundation 10,000 CWDA10K (2)
San Francisco Bay Girl Scout Cou 5,000 OW5K
Santa Fe Chamber of Music 10,000 CW5K CWA5K
Santa Barbara Rescue Mission 32,470 GTPD8,140K
AH9.330K RRR15k
Save A Child's Heart Foundation 25,000 HDD8,333K DD8,333, IBD8.333K
Save the Children 120,179 ILP13K ACND28K (2)
HH10K UC35.650 (3)
GSH10K AIID23.529K
Save the Redwoods 7,000 CEA7K
Schepens Eye Research 7,722 GTTB7,722K
Schomburg Cent Research Black Cult 5,000 UC5k
School Health 5,000 ICHD5K
School of Piano Tchnlgy fr th Blind 10,000 GTTB10k
School to work publications 5,000T RRR5K
Scott Newman Cent/Prevent Drug Abuse 5,000 UC5K
Scripps Clinic 31,000 Ahhc6K RRR10K (2)
CC10K (2) UC5K
Scudder Stevens & Clark 5,000 CWA5K
Seattle Youth Involvement Ntwrk(OB) 5,000 RRRWC5K
Sea World of California 10,000 CC10K
Second Harvest food Bank 111,500 ACWPHH118.5K (3)
APL23K (2) CW10K
Second Start 5,155 ACND5.511K
SEE International 22,000 GTTB22KCWDA
Seeing eye 22,000 GTTB22K (4)
Senior Advisors 5,000T SMF5K
Seniors Coalition 10,000 OW10K
Senior Ministry Network 5,000T DD5K
Senior Services (Washington) 5,000 RRR5K
Service Graphics 10,000 ACWPHH10K
SEVA Foundation 30,000 ACWPHH10K ILP10K TW5K DD5K
Shaare Zedek Hospital 30,000 CCJ20K (3) IBD10K (2)
Share our strength 10,000 ACWPHH10K
Shalom Sesame 5,000 CCJ5K
Shalsheles Basis Yaakov 5,000 GJ5K
Shema-Kolainu 5,000T RJ5K
Shepard Center 6,500 AHHC6.5K
Shepards Spinal Center 10,000 RRR10K
Sheriffs And chiefs 40,000 HH (2)
Shiloh Christian Children's Home 10,000 RRR10K
Simon Weisenthal Center 196,430T CCJ176.430 (9) GJ5k
Shrine of St Jude Thaddeus Chicago 189,564 APL31.278K
Shriner’s Hospital for Children 37,500 SCND7.5k OW10K AHHC20K (2)
Sight for Life 10,500 GTTB10.5k (2)
Sisters of Charity Bronx 20,000 ACWPHH20K (2)
Sisters of st josephs 5.5 ASCD5.5K
Sisters of Providence 23,000 ASCD3K AF10K HH10K
Sisters of St Francis Assisi 30,000 APL30K (2)
Smile Train 5,000 ACND5K
Smithsonian Institute 18,000 ILP8K CEA5K CC5K
Soozie Pea 5,000 APPO5K
Scty fr the Prvntn Cruelty To Chldrn 5,000 RRR5K
Society Int's Mission 10,000 HH10K
Society of the Devine Word 15,000 ASCD10K AH5K
Society of the Little Flower 7,500 ASCD7.5K
Society of St Vincent de Paul 15,908 APL9,409K (2) CAH
So Others Might Eat 30,000 ICHD5K ACND10K APL5K
SOS Childrens Village 15,000 ACND2.5k ILP2.5k aUC5K OW5K
Southern Dominican Province 30,000 ASCD10K APL10K AH10K
Southern Poverty Law 92,801 DL15K LP10K CCJ45k(5)
ICHD5K TW12,801K
South Shore Health ed fdn 10,000 FCIAD10K
South Shore Hospital 20,158 RRR5K CH8K FC7.158K
South West Guide Dog 5,000 GTTB5K
Southwest Indian Foundation 10,000 RRR5K CEA5K
Spanner 5,000 RRR5K
Special Olympics 25,000 AHHC10KI ICHD15K
Special Olympics 80,209 CCJ5K HHC/12.5K
ma ct md ri va CHH12.5K
Special Olympics California 10,000 CC10K (2)
Special Olympics Georgia 5,000 LP5K
Special Olympics Intern Silver Co 30,667 DD5K AH6.667K CC10k
Special Olympics Virginia 10,000 CHH10K
SSM REHAB 10,000 OW3.3K RRR3.3K
St Anthony's Guild/The Franciscans 260,000 ACND240K (3) UC20K
St Anthony Messinger 80,000T CCD50Kt (2) APL10K
St Barnabas Senior Services 5,000 CAH5K
St Elizabeth committee 5,000 APL5K
St Francis Indian Mission 30,000 DD5K ASCD25K (3)
St John of God Missions 10,000 ASCD10K
St John of God/Rtrmnt & Cr Fdn 5,000 AH5K
St Jude Shrine 71 APL10k SV15K (2) CAH10K
St Jude Childrens Hospital 1,472,000 AIJD15K
APL122K (3) DD24K
(2) AH24K (2) CH12K
MM12k CAH27K (2)
OW24K HH24K (2)
AHH39K (3)
CC30K (2) CHH679K (4)
FCIAD31K (2) SP41K (3)
ACND200K (4) CWDA26K (2)
St Jude League 46,000 APL8K SP18K ASCD20K
St Labre Indian School 128.059 SV9.493K ASCD10.066K(2)
LP35K(3) ICHD10K CH10K
St Lawrence Seminary 10,000 SP10K
St Luke's Hospital 5,800 OW5.8K
St Lukes Medical Center Wis 8,000 RRR8K
St Marys Food Bank 118,000 WW93K (3) RRR5K
AH23.8K CH1.2K
St Mary’s Foundation for Children 50,000 WWWD10K ACND6.666K
CAH6.666K DD6.666K
ICHD6.666K OW6.666K
St Joseph Health Assoc 5,000 OW5K
St Josephs Indian School 37,000 OW10K UC5k DD5K CC5K
St Christopher's Hospital Children 38,027 ALB38,027K
St Christopher's Inn 7,500 UC7.5K
St Marks Church in the Bowery 5,000 UC5k
St Peter's Church Chelsea 5,000 TW5K
St Philip Neri Catholic Church 5,000 CCD5K
Stray Rescue of St Louis 10,000 SAV10KLMPOC
St Vincent Catholic Medical Center 200,991 APL200.991K
St Vincent Center 12,665 ASCD6.34K UC6.325K
St Vincent De Paul Alemeda Cty 10,000 ASCD3.333K AH3.333K
St Vincent De Paul Meals on Wheels 17,147 ASCD17,147K (3)
St Vincent De Paul Society 25,206 RRR25,206K (3)
Star Cellular 5,000 APC5k
Star of Hope/Houston Mission 45,375 ACWPHH17.5K
AH7.268K RRR10K
State Rupublican Party 12,758 CR12.758 (2)
Statue of Liberty Foundation 82,000 CR10k CC72K (2)
Steve Grossman for Governor MA 10,000 DL10K
Stockton Arts 21,016 RRR21,016k
Strang Clinic Prevention Cancer Fu 38,000 UC28k (4) CR5K CC5K
Stroud Water Research Center 4,970 CEA4,970K
Strub and Collins 10,000 CCJ10K (2)
Support of America 5,000 RRR5K
Susan Korman Breast Cancer Fdn 20,000 OW15K FCIAD5K
Sustainable Harvest International 28,800 ACWIPHH7.2K ILP7.2K
Swedish Medical Center 117,171 DMF117,171K
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer 5,159 FCIAD5.159K
Symphony Space 5,000 UC5k
Tampa Bay Aids 5,000 CWDA5K
Tarrant Area Food Bank 56,985 DRAWTG45K LP11.985K
Taskforce for the Homeless 6,000 LP6K
Technoserve 5,000 CWDA5K
Teleshe Yeshiva College 21,707 CCJ11.636k (2) UC2.8K
Temple Sholom/Safrai Jerusalem Gall 5,000 CCJ5K
Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network 5,000 AHHC5K
Texas Childrens Hospital 10,000 FCIAD10K
Theatre and Dance (OB) 10,000 CW10K
The Bronx Frontier Project (OB) 5,000 UC5K
The First Occupational Center of NJ 15,000 ACWPHH15K
The Most Sacred Heart Foundation 5,000 AH5K
The Presbytery 10,000 ASCD10K
The South Fork Breast Health Cltn 5,000 FCIAD5K
Think Channel 14&16 Ohio 5,000 RRRWC5K
Tomorrow is Today Foundation 20,000T RRR20K
Torstar 5,882 CAH5.882K
Treatment Action Group 5,000 CWDA5K
Trinity Mission 5,500 DD5.5K
Tufts 6,000 OW6K
Turning Point (vernon Parks & Rec) 1,268 RRRowc1.268K
Twin Cities Neighborhood Housing svc 5,000T MI5K
Tzabaco 5,000 CWDA5K
UCEA Cross of Power 27,500 CAP22.5K (3) SP5K
UCSD Cardiovascular 5,000 CAH5K
UCSD Health Science Division 5,000 FCIAD5K
Uganda Martyrs Studies 15,000 CC5k DD10K (2)
UJA Federation Rockland County 119,312 CCJ99.1312K (4) TT20K
UJAGreater Washington 31,029 IBD5K AJD16,029K (2)
UJA New York 357,066 AIJD10K(2)cea12.641K
CCJ67.010K(3) TTJ65K(4)
IBD125K(2) AIJD41.571(3)
GJ46,767k (6)
UJA of Greater Washington DC 7,144 IBD7.144
UMASS Med Center Danny Cancer FDN 5,227 FC5.227K
Union Rescue Mission 491,154 CCJ50K HH15K (2)
RRR412.215 (4)
AH4,151K GTPD10K
Union Councils of Soviet Jewry 38,000 CCJ20K (3) GJ10K UC8K
Union of Concerned Citizens 3,000 UC3k
Union Gospel Mission 86,902 25KRRR71,902K (3)
United Cancer Council 5,000 DD5K
United Cerebral Palsy 25,000 RRR5K AHHC2.5K OW10K
United Charitable Fdn of Amer 5,000T RRR5K
United Church of Christ 5,000 RRR5K
United Methodist Family Services 5,000 ACND5K
United Neighborhood Houses 5,000 UC5K
United Negro College Fund 992,285 uc14,085K KOIEMAIL500k
UC263.700K (14) CC40k(4)
CR15k (2) DL27K(3)
CCJ35k (3) DD40k(4)
TW30k(2) ICHD27.5K
United Farm Workers of America 88,838 SP23.250K (3) CCJ10K(2)
CEA10KT (2)
CFCS8.588K (2)
United Jewish Communities 15,000 AIJD5K IBD10K
United Republican Fund 5,000 CR5KT
United Way New Hampshire 5,000 RRR5K
United Way Dutchess County 5,700 RRR5.7K
United Way New Jersey 42,000 APL42K
United Way SE Michigan 48,393 RRR33.5K (4) FC2.750
ACND9.143K (2)
Unitarian Universalists 9,282 Dl9.282K
Universal Food 60,000T RRR60KT
Universal Torah Brdcstng & Pblshng 6,000T CCJ5K LMPL1K
University of CA Aids Research Fdn 6,355 WDA6.355KI
UNiversity of La Verne 10,000 FCIAD10K
University of Michigan Cancer Center 5,000 FCID5K
University of Michigan Hsp Research 15,000 CAH5K AHHC5K SFCSCD5K
University of Utah Health Science 10,000 DRAWTG10K
University of WA Medical 8,000 RRRWC8K
Up With Down Syndrome Foundation 5,000 OW5K
US Deputy Sheriff’s Association 5,000 ILP5K
USC/Norris Cancer center 12.5 FCIAD12.5K (2)
US Capital Historical Society 5,000 5CCK
US Olympic Committee 434,051 CEA 15k AH100k
US Committee Sports Israel 8,000 CCJ5K UC3K
US Committee for UNICEF 245,773 ICHD30K ACND30K
UC12K (3) DD40K(3)
DL15K (2) CC25K(3)
CW7K RRR10K (2)
CD7,047K SP10K
US English 15,000 CR10K SP5K
USO 95,000 CC50K (3) CR5k DD5K
UC10K (2) ECPP5K
US VET Industries 5,000T GTTB5K
Utah Foster Care Foundation 1,350 ACND1.35K
Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital 11,847 RRRWFC6.847K ACND5K
Vep (OB) 3,000 UC3
Veritas Theropeutic Committee 6,354 UC6.354k
Vermont Inst of Natural Science 7,073 RRR7.073
Very Special Arts - Georgia 2,358 RGTAICD2.358K
Very Special Arts Kennedy Cent 20,000 CC10K CH10K (2)
Veterans of Foreign War 115,000 APL15K LP15K CC50K(2)
AHHC10K (2) GSH10K
Veterans of the Vietnam War Inc. 90,000 CC45k (2) CR35k (2)
Victory Fund 5,000 CR5K
Village Temple 5,000 CCJ5K
Visiting Nurse Service 95,200 AH10K DD5K@ CWA5K
UC15K (3) CCJ5K HH15K
(3) RRR35.2K (4) WW5K
Vital Ground Foundation 8,000 CEA8K
Volunteers of America 94,925 RRR43.925 (2)
HH21K (2) UC15K (2)
DD5K HH10K (2)
Volunteers of Hospics wcdr 5,000 Adlwepah5K
Walker Home and School 6,000 ACND4K RRR2K
Walter Hoving Home Inc 5,000 UC5k
Washington Adventist Hospital 63,000 RRR63K (2)
WCAL 89.3 FM 6,172 CW6,172
Wealth Engine                                        5,000  FCIAD5K
Webb Waring 20,000 OW10k CAH10K
Weizmann Institute of Science 12,300 CCJ10 (2) UC2.3K
Wellness Newslr UC Berkeley 20,000 RRR10k OW10K
Wesley Foundation 10,510 RRR10.510K
Westpoint Jewish Chapel 6,900 UC6.9K (3)
WFMT Chicago Public Radio 5,000 OW5K
WGBH 5,000 CEA5K
Whale Protection Fund 5,000 CC5k
Whole Theatre 1,158 UC1.158
Wildlife Conservation Society 25 SAV15K (2)CEA10K
Wildlife Land Trust Conventional 5,000 CEA5K
WIN Ntnl Political Action Comm (OB) 5,000 CCJ5K
WIVA k12 Inc Virtual Academy Mail 70,626 GTPD70,626k (4)
WNET 154,725 TW9.515K (2) CWA12.5K(2)
CCJ7.5K CC15K (2)
UC63k (4) DD5k
DL9.715K (2) RRR17.5K(2)
CE/7.5K Env/7.5K
Women for Women 15,000 TW5K
Women In Military America Fondation 7,500 TW7.5K
Women in Need WA 5,000 RRR5K
Womens Outreach 5,000 RRR5K
Women’s Project & Productions 5,000 TW2.5K CWA2.5K
World Emergency Relief 20,000 LP10K ACWIPHH10K
World Jewish Congress 195,000 CCJ159K (8) GJ36K (2)
World Mercy Fund 15,000 HH5K UC5k DD5k
World Neighbors 5,000 HH5K
World Peace Ambassadors Fdn (OB) 10,000E ALB10K
World Relief Corp 30,000 ILP10k ACIPHH20K (2)
World Vision 100,786 ACND7K CH16.5k(2)
AH10K DD10k
TW10k RRR10k
CW10K (2)
World Child Transplant 10,000 DD10K
World Wildlife Fund 112,000 APL25K (2) AIJD25K (2)
CEA35K(3) SAV10K
World Federalist 5,000 CR5k
World Wildlife Fund 127,243 NF15.243K APL25K(2)
WPBT/Channel 3 Miami 83,195 ILP5K RRR8.419K
RJD33.665K AH5K
LP38.202K (2)
WTTW Public TV Chicago 20,351 OW5K FCIAD7,852 ACND7,499
Youth Consultation Service 5,721 ACND5,721K
Youth Shelter 6,000 HH6K
YMCA 55,300 UC31.800k (6) DD13K(3)
YMCA GR NY 5,000 CR5K (2)
Young Israel 6,000 UC6K
Your Catholic Voice 10,000 ASCD10K
YWCA 14,000 UC8k (2) DD3K
YWCA of Seattle 9,980 RRR9.980K
Zendik Farm Arts Foundation 5,000 UC5K
Zoo Consortium 5,341 SAV5,341K

24 Clients 6 continuation = 27%
2 are not mailing or out of Business

Alexander Scott Publishing                           2,000  BROKERAGE2K
Art Collector's Group/Fox pub 20,000 CC10K CWA10K
Ashgate Publishing 3,241 CFCS3.241K
Aspen Publishers 3,000 COI3K
Cadmus Custom Publishing 25,000 CC25K (2)
Carleton Press (OB) 10,284 ALB10,284K (2)
Eastern States Distributors Inc 5,000 UC5k
Editorial America 15,000 SP15K
Groves Dictionery of Music (OB) 5,000 CWA5K
Hearst mag’s House Beautiful 7,500 PWPH7.5K
Lost Ones/Samuel Becket (OB) 10,000 CWA10k (2)
MBI Inc/Pcs Easton Press 125,100 USS*LP10k CC92K (11)
CW10 (2)
Progressive business publications 6,000 FCIAD6K
Quality Paperback 30,000 CC30K
Quirk Roberts Publishing 12,876 ALB12,878K
Sistine Chapel Bk (OB) 20,000 CC10K CWA10K
Silverthorne Publ 10,000 HR10K (2)
St Matthews Publishing 418,857 CAP418.857K (2)
The Teaching Annex 65,000 CEA50K AH15K
The Teaching Company 100,596 CEA50.596K ILP50K
Venue Book Club 18,000 SB18K
Who's Who is Single Men 5,000 RRR5K
Wilderness Ranch 5,000 CEA5K
Word Smitten Publishing 30,000 PW15K GT15K

140 Clients, 44 continuations 35%
8 of the below are out of busines or not prospecting

1 800 Batteries 10,000 CB5K EO5K Acadia 15,000 NF15K ActIII Pub Elect Musician 10,000 EO10K Adam and Eve 55,000 SDHH15K SB35K (3) HR5K American Mint/Collectable Coin 12,000 CC12K Andean Wools 5,000 NF5K Appleseed Catalog 15,000 NF15K (2) Arena Electronic /HC Associates/Crown 5,000 CS5KT Art Investor (NM) 5,000 CWA5KT Attitudes 10,000 CC10K Barrie Pace Ltd 15,194 NF15,194K BCS Network 10,000T CC5K PW5K Bettys Attic/Johnson Smith Co 7,500 CC7.5K Big Dog Sportswear 10,000 CC10K (new) Big Ideals 15,000 CB15K Blums of SF 22,015 CC5K RRR15K (2) TW2,015K BMG Latin Music Club 106,662 SP106.662K (2) Bounty Hunter 10,000 LN10K Bradford Exchange 30,000 CC15K FCIAD15K Catalogue Shopp 25,000 CC25K Cat Caddy 10,000 APPO10K Cat Fancy 10,000 APPO10K (2) Cigar Enthusiast 20,000 HR20K (2) Comtrad Industries 6,000 EO6K Caviarteria 5,000 MI5K Chattanooga Coin Co 5,000 CC5k Classic Motorbooks 45,000 CC45K (2) Clovernook 12,000 CCJ12K COMB Co Inc (OB) 20,000 CC20K (2) Company Store 30,000 NF30K (2) Compuadd (OB) 10,000 EO10K Collections 7,500 CC7.5K Collin Street Bakery 15,000 CAH10K HH5K Crate and Barrel 20,000 LN20K Critic's Choice Video 10,000 CC10K Damark(Now Provell) 199,500 EO42.5K (3) RRR50K UT30K ABCOH17K RMCR30K CS30K Deqor.com 5,343 ID5.343K Devry and Midwest Compuserve 36,079 OS36,079K Diamond Essence Catelogue 20,000 TW20k (4) Direct List Technology 4,576 FAALP4.576K Discount6 DVD 6,000 SB6K
Disney Catalogue/Childcraft 7,000 CC7K
Deva Lifewear Inc 33.001 NF23,001K (3)
DHC USA INC 15,000 NF15K
Dr Leonard's Healthcare Catalog 15,000 OW10K CHH5K
Ecco Bella Catelogue 10,000 NF10K
Federal Coin Fund 5,000 CC5K
Fidelity Gold Reserve 10,000 MI5K CR5K
Franklin Mint 20,000 CC10K CW10K (2)
Gaiam Harmony 28,000 NF23K (4)
Gallerie Machie Video (OB) 35,000 CH5K CC30K (2)
Garnet Hill 13,001 NF13,001K
GCC Techynologies 30,000 CB15K EO15K
Global 30,000 DAK30K
Gold Collection Inc (OB) 5,000 CC5K
Goldshield Direct Policholest 5,000 AOH5K
GTE Wireless 40,000 UT40K
Hammacher Schlemmer 20,000 CC20K (2)
Harriet Carter Gifts 10,000 PW10K
Hawthorne 32,000 ACWPHH10k ACND11K CC11K
Heartland America 21,300 CC21.3K (2)
Heritage Store 5,000 AOH5K
Historic Aviation Catalog 5,000 CC5K
Homecure 5,000 ABCoh5K
House of White Birches 10,000 CC10K
Intelhealth healthy Home Catalogue 24,000 NF12K CWA12K
International Coins and Currency                     5,000  CC5K
International Home Shopping 15,000 CC10K EO5K
In the Company of Dogs 45,400 APPO45,4K (3)
Jack and Jill Catelogue 48,000 NF48K (4)
J and R Music World 7,500 ACC7.5K
Janice LLC 13,500 F13.5K (2)
Jenasol Inc 10,000 ABCOFH (2)
J Peterman Company 7,500 CC7.5K
Kids Stuff 21,000 ALB21K (2)
Levenger 60,000 CC60K (4)
Light Touch - Universal Systems (OB) 200,000 RRR200K (4)
MM2000 Millilinum COllection 5,000 CC5K
Mac World 10,000 EO10K
Madeleine 35,338 NF35.338K (4)
Mailing Mart 5,000 RRR5K
Marketing Matrix 33,000T LMPL5K CCJ28K (3)
Mark I Communications 20,000 CR20K (2)
Martha Stewart Living 22,000 PWPH12K LOW10K
May's Pond 12,000 NF12K
MBI 38.5 CC38.5K (4)
McMullen Argue Publishing 5,000 HTACB5K
The Millennia Collection 5,000 CC5K
Micro Star Suarz Corp 10,000 EO10K(2)
Military Issue Catalogue                             5,000  CC5K
Muddy Creek Artisans 5,000 NF5K
National Geographic Travel Catalogue 5,000 ECPP5K
National Wildlife Federation Catelogue 8,500 NF8.5k
Nature City 5,000 AOH5K
Neiman Marcus 11,251 NF11.251K
Numa Corporation 15,000 CC15K
Nordstrom lifestyle 13,000 NF13K
Omaha Steaks 15,000 CC15K
Peruvian Connection 12,000 NF12K
Piragis Northwoods Company 5,711 NF5.711K
Priorities 5,000 NF5K
Real Goods 7,500 CEA7.5K
Red Dog Trading Company 5,000 RRR5K (2)
Renaissance Vineyard & Winery 5,000 LOW5K
Restoration Hardware 95,500 LN95.5K (2)
Right Start Inc 15,000 RRR15K (2)
Royal Canadian Mint 10,000 CC10k
Ruffco Coin (OB) 10,000 CC10K (2)
Saks 31,029 NF26.029K (2) CW5K
Sailing World 5,000 CC5K
Scottish Lion 5,000 NF5K
Sears Health Care Catalog 5,000 CHH5K
Serif Inc 15,000 EO15K (2)
Seta Corporation 5,000 SP5K
Seventh Generation 6,000 CF6K
Shata computers 200,000 HR200K
Sierra Trading Post 7,500 NF7.5K
Silk Connections 10,000 NF10K
Silver Tip Collectors (OB) 20,000 CC10K (2) CR10 (2)
Smith&Noble 50,000 HFIEC15K PWPH35K(2)
Software Magicorp 10,000 CC10K (2)
Software USA 5,000 EO5K
Sovetski Collections 10,000 EO10K
Spice Catalogue 5,000 SB5K
Steinway 245,000 RRR240K RRRWC5K
Stewpot 5,000 AH5K
Swiss Colony 20,000 RRR20K
Taymark 10,000 APP10K
Thomas Oak and Sons 7,000 CC7K
Tiger Direct 35,000 EO35K (2)
Time Life Music Hall 15,000 CC15K
Time Warner Sound Exchange (OB) 150,000 CC150K (3)
Tomorrows World 10,000 NF10K
Travelsmith 722,000 CWA12K RRR570K (7)
NF40K (2)
Unicover 5,000 CC5K
Upper Deck 5,213 CC5.213
US Mint 218,100 CC206.1K (7)
United Stated Postal 284,612 CC284,612
Vermont Country Store 15,000 NF15K
Victoria's secret catalogue 25,150 NF25,150K
Video Age 5,000 SB5K
Vista Catelogue (OB) 5,000 ACC5K
Vitamin Shoppe 7.5 NF7.5K
Vita-Mix 6,000 AOH6K
Washington Mint 20,000 CC20k (2)
Wheel Council at Risk Kids 5,000 ICHD5K
Wine Country Gift Basket 15,000 CC15K
Wine Enthus 7,500 APCC7.5K
Wireless 7,500 CEA7.5K
Wissota Traders 20,000 CC20K
Wolferman's (CF) 38,884 AH38,884K (2)
YSW Catalogue 5,000 SB5K
Zone Chef 15,000 IBD15k

377 clients 45 continuations 14%
11 of these mailers (or more) are out of business or not mailing

Accubanc (OB)                                        9,278T CS9.278K
Advance America 19,000 CS19k
Advance Promotions 15,000T CSA5K RMCR5K
Advanced Research 5,000 CS5K
Advanta CFM direct 114,400 SAV57.2 CEA57.2K
Advantage Marketing 39,296 CS39.296K (2)
Ahmed Haleim 5,000T CS5K
Alesco Data 5,000 MAFTRE5K
Alfred Renteria (OB) 6,000 OS6K
Alliance Group 9,745 ACC9.745K
Alliance Partners 1,200T LMPL1.2K
All States Lists - Client 5,000T CS5K
Ameridebit 15,000 CS5K OS5K RMCR5K
Ameriloss 17,410 AHWD17.410K (2)
Am-Pro 5,000 CS5K
American Cash Flow 5,000T MAFTRE5K
American Credit Educators 20,000 CS10K RMCR10K
American Debt Conseling 10,000 CS10K
American Dream Connection (OB) 10,000T RMCR5K CS5KT
also american fair credit
American Express 10,000 MI10K (2)
American Financial 37,000 CD37K (2)
American Financial Resources 5,000 CS2.5K UT2.5K
American Income Life 10,000T IP10K
American Life Atlanta ,504T B.504K
American Mortgage Corp 5,000 CS5K
American Mortgage Solutions 5,000 RMCR5K
American Profiles 6,000 CS6K
American Securities 22,512 RRR22.512K (3)
American Security Financial 15,000 RMCR15K (2)
American Vending Corporation Product 27,000 OS27K (2)
Americredit Financial Group 5,000 CS5K
Amoco Oil Company 200,000 RRR200K
Amcap Financial Services 5,000T MI5K
Amsterdam Productions 5,000T MI5K
Andrew Barwicki 20,116 KO20.116K
Andrew Garonce 5,000 MI5K
ARK International Marketing 5,000T MI5K
Ashton Group 1.835T LMPL1.835K
Aspire One Financial 5,000 CS5K
Assignments International 5,000T CS5K
Associated Capital Service 10,000 RMCR10K (2)
Applied Card Systems 220 CS200K
Assoc of Acc Private Investors 10,000 RRR10K
Atlantic Forex ltd 5,000T HR2.5K MI2.5K
AT&T Universal Card 5,000 APC5K
ATC Marketing (OB) 10,000 CS10K (2)
Automotive/Direct Mail Marketing 5,000 CS5K
Babson-United Investment Advisors 5,000 MI5K
Bankers Alliance 7,000T CS7K
Bank ONE 62,500 ACCH62.5K
Beacon Fiduciary Advisors 6,000 MI6K
BE Financial Services 5,000T CD2K OS1K RMCR2K
Ben Tobin 5,000T ILP5K
Biltmore Securities 5,000 MI5K
Bingo Bugle Magazine 5,000 OS5K
Blair 50,000 CC50K
Bliss Gouverneur & Associates 10,000 MI10(email/b)
Blue Diamond Marketing 5,000T OS1K GRQ1K ILP1K
Bonds and Creditors 5,000 ABDB5K
Boulder Financial 6.032 RMCR6,032K
Brand, Valerie 850T LMPL.85K
Brian McLane 5,000 CS5K
Brian Stewart 12,250 BR12,250 (2)
Britannica Capital Players                           5,000  MI5K
Brookstone Capital 5,000T MI5K
BRT 5,000T HR2.5k USSALB2.5K
Business Extention 5,000 CS5K
Business Recovery Service 5,000 CS5K
C4U Resource Group (OB) 10,000T CS10K
California Commerce Bank 39,000 SP39K
Cambridge College 5,900 CEA5,900K
Cambridge Financial corp 17,775T MAFTRE12,775K MI5K
Capital Debt Settlement 32,983 SSC32,983K
Capital Gains 20,000T CS20K
Capital One 2,723,621 CS530K (2)
GTPD1,018,202K (3)
Capital Productions 5,000 COI1.3K MI3.7K
Cardsource (OB) 5,000 CS5K
C.A.S.H. Publications Inc 5,000 RMCR5K
CCS 7,158 HR7,158K
CEF Credit Seekers 10,000 CS5K RMCR5K
Centex Home Equity 13,766 CS13.766K
Chase Manhattan Bank-Mortgage 411,000 CC195K (2)ACCH100K
Cheever Associates 10,000 CS10k (2)
Chief Denney                                        15,347  MAFTRE15,347.K
Chris S 5,000T MI2K KO1k CWAD2K
Citation Shares MRM Partners 3,379 COI3.379K
Citicorp credit services 530,000 RRR50K CC280K (3)
EO200K (2)
CMM 100,000 RMCR100K
CMS Credit Management Services 70,000 CS70K (2)
CMT Enterprises, Inc 5,000 CS5K
Coleman 3,500T LMPL3.5K
Commerce Banc Shares Kansas(Bank sold) 20,000 20kMI
Commodity Investment Group 5,000T KO5K
Compeer Services 55,000T EO50K OS5K
Compucredit 50,000 CS50K
Conrad Promotions 15,000 RMCR5K CS5K UT5K
Communicom Platform Engineering Inc 6,000 MI6K
Consumer Credit assistance R Ferris 10,000 CS7.5K RMCR2.5K
Consumer Credit Services (OB) 5,000T CS5k
Consumer Solutions 10,000T APPC10K (2)
Courtesy Pontiac 5,000 RMCR5K
Creative Financial Services 10,000T RMCR10K (2)
Credit Card Protect Agency Pref Card 5,000 CC5K
Creditcorp 29,500 CS6.5K RMCR23K (3)
Credit Made Easy Financial Services-CME 5,000 CS5K
Credit Suisse 5,000T MI4.477K KO.523K
Corner Stone Investment Marketing 6,135T KO6.135K
Crown Financial 5,000 CS5K
Credit Masters Financial Services Corp 5,000T RMCR5K
CrediTrends 13,000T KE13K
Cyclone Financing Group 5,000T MI5K
D'Laine Entertainment 5,000T MI5K
Darien Films 5,000T MI5K
Darrell Johnson 5,000 RNCR5K
Datalicious 5,000T MI5K
Data Lists & Mailing 37,080 RMCR8,874
Data Reports (OB) 5,000 ACC5K
Dave Balentine 10,000T CS10K (2)
Debt and Credit Center Inc (OB) 5,000 CS5K
Debt Management Associates 30,000T CS30K (3)
Definium Capital Investment 7,500T RRR7.5K
Delphi Group 5,000T RMCR5K
Delphi Media Group 5,000T MI5k
DH Blair 7,000 MI7K
Dickinson Direct (Millionaire Homes) 5,000 MI5K
Discover Financial 1, 196,650 PACCH1.196,650K(4)
Ditech Credit 322,565 SSC210 (3)
RMCR101,562K (3)
Diversified Asset (OB) 5,000 CC5K
Don Burnham Elite Marketing 15,000 MAFTRE5K (3)
Doyle Publishing 10,000 ACC10K
DSI Financial 45,000T ACCH35K (3)
Eastern Mortgage Services ems 71.4 CS71.4K
EGC 5,000 RRR5k
Elaine Shea Esq 10,000 CS10K
Elite Investors 10,000T LN5K MI5K
EmpowermentUSA 5,000T KO5K
Enter Tech Brokerage Services 5,000T KI2.5K MI2.5K
Epic Solutions LLC 3,512 LMPL3.521K
Etter Group 5,000 KO5K
Excell Financial Services 5,000T MI5K
Exquisitor Marketing 5,000T CS5K
Equitystars Home Equity Loan 10,000 CS10K
Feld Korrub & Assoc 10,000 CS10K
FGI Trading Group 5,000T MI2.5K HR2.5K
Fidelity Mortgage Decisions 5,000T CS5K
Fidelity mortgage Funding 10,000T CS10K
Fiduciary Lists (OB) 30,000 MAFTRE10K (3) HTGRQ5K
Financial Alternatives 25,000 RMCR25K
Financial Research Center LLC 5,000 ARR5K
Finley Gottlieb (NM) 5,000 UC5K
First Financial 5,000 CS5K
First Mid Atlantic 4,000 CS4K
First Natl Reserve 10,000 CC10K (2)
First National Bank of Marin 5,000 CS2.5K RMCR2.5K
First Premier Bank 544,735 RMCR10K (3)
UT534,690K (11)
First Step CC 5,000T UT2K CS1K RMCR2K
First USA BANK 85,000 CR85K
First VisaUSA 30,000 ACND30K
Fisher Investments Inc 20,000 HR20K
Focused Energy solutions 5,000T KO5K
Ferguson Group 5,000 RMCR5K
Fleet Credit/Working Asset/Visa/MC 655,000 CEA215K (2)
Freedom Credit 5,000 RMCR5K
Friends & Family Membership Svcs 30,000T CS25K (2)
Future Trader 5,000 MI5K
Gateway Financial Services 10,074 RMC/CS10,074K
Gecko Communications (OB) 5,000T UT1K RMCR1K CS1K
Hr1K 21W1K
George Van Company 25,000 QIOIE25K
Global Pacific 5,000T MI5K
GMI 5,000 CS5K
Graphic Communication Network (CF) 5,000 CS5K
Going Public 787 LMPL787
GOLD Card (CF) 5,000 CS5K
Greenbridge Capital Group Volptech Ltde 5,000T MI5K
Green Credit Holdings Inc 10,000 SSC10K
Green Planet Solution 5,000T KO5K
Gryphon Financial 20,000 Qinvestoroptin20K
H & G Capital 5,000T KO5K
H & M Petroleum 11,500T MI5K KO5K LMPL1.5k
Hampshire Securities 5,000 MI5K
handicapper 5,000 HR5K
Handi Shop 20,000 DD10K AH10K
Haplin Pty Ltd (OB) 26,116 RTBLP26.116K (3)
Harbour Credit Counceling Services 5,000T RMCR2.5K CS2.5K
Harbor Investments 5,000 MI5k
Hartman Financial Services (OB) 10,000 RRR10k
HFR Investments 103T LMPL.103
Highlander Club 5,500 CS5.5K
Home Federal Savings Bank 15,000T RMCR5K (2)
UT2.5K CS2.5K
HRI 5,000T ACP5K
Ibex 5,000T CS5K
Individual Finance and Development Corp 500T LMP.5K
Infinity Resources group 5,000T RMCR5K
Infinium Inc 5,000 UT2K RMCR2K CS1K
Insignia/esg 5,000T MI5K
Intercap Trading Inc 5,000T KO5K
International Consumer Marketin 20,000 MI20K
Investors advantage 15,000 ILP15K (3)
Investors Edge 20,000 MI20K (2)
Invision Strategic Marketing 1,500T LMPL1.5K
Inovative Financial LLC 5,000T MAFTRE5K
Ipsos Loyalty 12,000T MI12K LN4K
Isaac and Isaac 5,000T CS5K
ISG Group (OB) 5,000 CS5K
Jara Solutions 5,000T APC5K
JB Hanauer 5,000T MI5K
J B Sutton Group LLC 5,000T MI5K
J & J Films 5,000T MI5k
Jeffery Young 7,000T LMPL2K MI5K
Jim Estes 5,000T ILP5K
J J Morgan 5,000T MI5K
J L Image Cousultants 2,500 MI2.5K
Joe Miller Ass (CF) 5,000 RRR5K
John Prokos 6,000 ALB6K
John Thomas Financial 5,000T KO5K
Joseph Gunner & co 1,000T LMPL1K
Josephtnal Lyon & Ross 5,000 MI5K
Joe Patton 5,000T CS2.5 RMCR2.5
Karen de la carriere 5,000 COI5K
Keith Connor Financial Services 10,000 CR10KT
Kenneth Mallen 5,000T MI5K
Kessler Financial Services 5,000T RRR5K
Kiplinger Newsletter 5,000 AH5K
Komorsky Investments 5,000T MI5K
Lamonex Financial Inc 5,000T MI5K
Larimar 100 LMP.1K
LDT Corp (OB) 5,000 CR5K
Leads America 6,980 CS6,980K
Lead Communications 20,000 CS20K
Lee Direct Investor Devel Services 5,000 MI5K
Leerink Swann & Co 5,000T MI5K
List Brokers Inc (Client) 5,000T CEA5K
List Concepts Kate Hallock (0B) 48,500 CS48.5K (13)
Listsmart, Putman 5,000 RRR2.5K CS2.5K
Leah Heller 100,000 RRR25K APCC50K
Lighthouse Financial 5,000 CS5K
Lion Mortgage & Investments 5,000 CS5K
Lynstar Homes LLC 5,000 MI5K
Mailings, Inc 5,000 CS5K
Marcus Gordon 5,000 OS5K
Marilyn Silvers 2,000 RMCR1.5 OS.5
Marine Atlantic 12,090 HR6K CS6.090K
Marius Devaud 4,000 MI1k RRR2K CWA1K
Mark Brown 5,000 ALB5K
Marketing Investor 10,000 APCC10K
Marketing Group 5,000 RRR5k
Martin Wong 15,000T ALB15K (2)
Maryland National Bank 25 RRR20K CH5K
Mavrick Venture Partners 9,000T MI2K LN2K KO1k HR2K
MBNA America 855,557 CC663,273K (2)
CEA42,284 (2)
Mckenzie Group (the) 5,000T MI5K
Merrill Lynch 12,000 MI8.5K (2) KO3.5K
Merit Financial (OB) 109,070T RMCR29.87K (2)
CS33.8K (2)
ACCH22.4K HR11.5K
Mesafx 5,000T KEOGH5K
Mc Financial Services 5,000 CS5K
Michael Reid Company 27,315T USSALB5K Coupon 3.12k (6) DB7.425K (17)
MidAtlantic Advertising 5,000 RMCR5K
Midwest management Associates 4,000 RMCR4K
Midwest Resources 5,000 CS5K
Mike Ben Aaman 5,000T KO2.5K MI 2.5K
Millennium Asset Management AG 3,500T LMPL3.5K
Millennium Financial 5,000T CS5K
Mills Business Acquisition 12,500T MI12.5K
Mimmi Sacco 6,893T LMPL6.893K
Monchie Marketing 5,000T UT1.5K RMR2K
Moneycard Cmm 120,000 RMCR120K (4)
Worldwide Money Management 5,000 KO2.5K MI2.5K
Montgomery Ward Legal 5,000 CS5K
Morgan Stanley 10,000 IP5KT MI2.5K CR5K
Mormons 5,000 *ASL5K
National Benefits Service 5,000T UT5K
National Consumer Services 11,000 CD2K UT7K (2)
National Guaranteed Mortgage 5,391 CS5,391K
National Securities 15,000T AE5K MI5K
National Telephone Message 5,000 OS5K
Navestar (OB) 5,000 RMCR5K
NB Distributing 5,000 CS5K
Network Service Center (OB) 10,000 CS5KT RMCR5KT
New Life Style Program (ob) 15,000 APL5K CWDA5K TW5K
New Resi Data 5,000T CS5K
North American Mortgage 3,389T CS3,389K
North By Northwest Direct 5,000T CS5K
Northern Mortgage 5,000T MI5k
Northwater Consulting 5,000T MI5K
Norwest Mortgage 5,000 CS5K
Nova Mortgage Credit Corporation 10,000T RRR10K
Novum Companies 1,000T LMPL1K
NTC of NY INC 5,000T CS1.5K UT1.5K
NV Companies                                        34,909  MAFTRE34,909 (4)
OneBPO 12,500T MI5,397K LMPL2.5K
Off Shore Association Centeral American 11,317 ALB11,317K
On-Line Marketing 5,000T CS2.5K RMCR2.5K
Oppenheimer 5,000T MI5K
Optimized Contact Solutions 50,000 RMCR50K
Pacific Consolidated Services 5,000T APCC5K
Pacific Credit and Financial Co 5,000 CS5K
Pacific Gold corporation 6,563 MI6.563K
Paine Webber 5,000 HR5K
Paul Rothman 5,000 MI5K
Paulson Investment 5,000T MI5K
PCS 5,000 CS5K
PEC Company 10,000 RMCR10K
Peoples Bank 10,000 RRR10K (2)
Penn Capital (OB) 9,750 MI9,750
Perfect Marketing 5,000T OS5K
Pioneer Enterprises 5,000 RRR5K
Primearica 5,000 CS1.666K
Premier Bankcard Services LLC 5,000T CS5K
Progressive Credit Care 3,000 CS3K
Promotional Dis Co 5,000 CS5K
Prosource 20,000 MI20K
Prospect Influential Client 5,000T CS5K
Providian Bancorp 250,000 CC250K
Randada 15,000 MI15K (2)
Raya 3.5T LMPL3.5K
Ray Wascher Company 5,000T MI5K KO5K
Red Mountain Funding 5,000T MI5K
Rentar Environmental Solutions Inc 5,000T MI5K
Result Strategic Marketing 1,000T LMPL1K
Rick Ritrovato 5,000T KO5K
Ritchie Cardone aks Ritchie Caldo 10,734T ABL10.734K
ROBO Corp 5,000T MI5K
Rob van Patten 5,000 RMCR5K
Rotta Industries                                     6,258T SMF6,258K
Royal Wheels Services Ltd 5,000T HR2K ILP3K
Salyon (OB) 325,000 RMCR325K
Sanders Morris Harris 5,349T MI5.349K
Santiago Strategic Inc 6,000T UT2K CS2K RMCR2K
SKC 200,000 CS200K (2)
Scott Duncan 5,000 APC5K
Secoud Chance Credit (OB) 28,008 OS5K CS23K (2)
Service List Services 5,000 MAFTRE5K
Shaker Financial Services (OB) 10,000 APCC10K
Southworth Consultants Limited 5,000T CS5K
SR Consumer Credit 20,000 CS20K
Stanford Hemsley Nat Pub 5,000 CS5K
Sterling Bank 109,000 CS89K (4)
Stevensen R Spray 5,000 MI5K
Stockace 5,000T MI5k
Stromme Granville 5,000T KO2.5K MI2.5K
Summit Capital Group 5,000T CS5K
Swiss Management Group LLC 10,159T KO10.159K
Synergistics 5,000 CS5K
Synthesis Realty Group LLC 16,500T LN15K LMPL1.5K
Swartz Investments 5,000T UT5K
Targetcom Rent a Center 7,400 APC/CS7.4K
Target Information Services 10,747 CS10,747K (2)
T & R Marketing (OB) 5,000 CS5K
Telpro (OB) 5,000T CC5K
The Discovery Group 5,000T MI2.5K KO2.5K
The Money Kit/Financial Publishers 5,000 CS5k
The National Fdn for Asset Protection 5,000 MAFTR5K
Times of Money Limited 5,000 ABDB5k
timothy Anderson 5,000 CS5K
Tomme Claycomb 2,187T LMPS2.187K
Thompromot.uk.Ltd 10,000T ILP10K (2)
Time Capsule Marketing 7,500 CS2.5K RMCR2.5K
Total Systems 55,000T RRR55K (2)
Tradestation Securities 5,000 MI5K
Trans America home loan 130,000 CS130K (7)
Tristar Mortgage 20,000T CS5K RMCR5K OS5K
UC lending 60,204 RMCR13,107K
UUMG-N 165,000 CS20K (2) RMCR95K
(2) UT20K
United Capital 11,000 CS5K OS6KK (2)
United Credit Adjusters Inc 6,000T RMCF2K UT2K CS2K
United Credit Network, Inc 10,000 ACC10K
United Financial Network 70,000 ACC70K (3)
United Membership Marketing Group 5,000 RMCR5K
United National Bank 5,000 CS5K
USA Connect Marketing/Tidwater/Superior 5,000T apc5K
US Creditcom 5,000T CS5K
US High Commission for Refugies 17,000 ACWPPH10K LP7K
US Liberty Security card 5,000 RMCR5K
Us Processing Center 10,000 MI5K CS5K
US Savings 5,000 CS5K
US Savings Trust Management Inc 5,000 OS5K
Venture Finance Source 67,078T MI50.579K LMPL3.5K
Visitsinc.com 10,000T MI10K (2)
Visa 20,000 UT10K CS10K
Voice Marketing Services 5,000T MI5k
Wallstreet Lists 5,000T KO2.5K MI2.5K
Wawona Worldwide Capital LLC 40,903T MI40,903K
Wealth Buiklders Investing 54,396 HTGRQ2,474k WW51.922K
William Bigham 5,000 CS5K
Wolf Private Trading LLC .645T LMPL.645

169 clients 20 continuations 16%
15 are out of business or no longer mailing

ADM Marketing 6,000T HR6K Advertising International winners Grp 30,000 HR10K ILP20K Adventure Travel 5,000T HR5K
Aldata client 5,000T RTBLP2.5K ILB2.5K
All Around Travel 15,000 CS5K RMCR10K (2)
Analytical Sports (OB) 10,000 HR10K
Anatares Corporation 90,000 MAFTRE90K (5)
Apex Telemarketing Ltd 5,000T HR2.5K USSLP2.5K
Areyanmehr Investment Services (OB) 5,000T ILHRRMCR5K
Auric International 5,000T ILP5K
Australian Lottery 22,000 RTBLP6K HR10K (2)
BetCBS.com 10,000T HR10K (2)
Better International Games 5,000T ILP5K
Bob Stupaks Vegas World (OB) 150,000 RRR150K (2)
Business Extension 7,158 HR7,158K
Cable Beach resorts & Crystal Plc Csn 134,367 HR134,367K
Canadian Lottery 10,000 HR10K (2) Sp10K
Can-Ora Inc. 5,000T HR5K
Card Benefits Services 20,000 ILP15K (2) MPDR5K
Caritel Inc. 5,000T USSLP5K
Casino and Lottery Consultant 5,000 ILP5K
Charm City (OB) 10,000 IL10K (2)
Christian Vesperano 5,000T HR5K
City Center Enterprises 5,000T ILP5K
Concordia Media 5,000T HR5K
Consensus King 5,000 HR5K
Courporate Consulting 10,000T HR4K 21w3K GRQ3K
Cyber Tech (OB) 5,000 HR5K
Cyberworld Group 36,000 GAMOPTIN36k
Direct Impact 12,949 HR12.949K
Domestic Design and Craft Globalized 10,000 HTGRQ5K RTBLP2.5K
DonaldPaulson 10,000T HR5KILP5K
Drage (0b) 375,000T HR105K (12) ILP20K
(5) RTBBLP10K (7)
GRQ20K (10)
Emerald Marketing Ent., Inc 5,000T HR5K
Empire Marketing 6,000T ILP2K RTBLP2K MM2K
Euno Distributors Inc 5,000 HR5K
Executive Lottery 5,000T HR5K
Felson Marketing LTD 10,000 ILP10K
Fenton and Zelenetz (NM) 5,000 HR5K
Florida Express Today 5,000T HR5K
Forwardslask, riverbelle casino 15,000T HR15K (2)
Frank Eze 5,000T ILP5K
Frank Hill 5,000T USSLP1K ILP1K HR1K
FUN-DAY Inc 10,179 HR10.179K
German Lottery Wessel Gegrundet 1893 80,250 HR43K (2) CR10K
Henry Smith                                          5,000  ILB2.5K USSALB2.5K
Nordwest Deutsche Lottery ILP27.250K (2)
21w5k USSALP5K
Gamblers Emporium 5,000T HR5K
Gamblerslists.com 5,000T HR1K RTBLP2K ILP2K
Gamblers Marketing 20,000 HR20K
Gamblers Research Project (NM) 15,000 ACWPHH10K (2)
Genio Holdings Ltd 10,000T ILP5k SSC5K
George Ippolito 10,000 ILP10K (2)
Global Bix Connection 200,000 ILP200k
Global Contact 20,036 21w20.036Kb
Global City 5,000T ILP5K
Global direct 5,000T HR1.6k ILP1.6k
Global Enterprises 5,000T ILP2K, RTBLP2k USUALB1k
Global Marketing 5,000T Ilp5K
Globalpass Ldt 5,000 HR5K
Gold Dust Casino 6,543 HR6.543K
Golden Sunshine Marketing 5,000T ILP5K
Goldrush Revived Services 5,000T ILP2.5K RTBLP2.5K
Goldstar Sports Inc 5,000T HR2.5K 21W2.5K
Grand Casino 5,216 HR5.216K
Growth Plus International gpi 8,000T ILB4K HR4K
Hal Rosoff/Shata Computers 200,000 HR200K
Hamilton Medical 5,000T HR2.5k CWD2.5k
Horizon International 30,000 21W30K
Hospitality Marketing Associates 5,000 HR5K
Hunter Wise Financial Group 5,000T HR1.749K
Independant Marketing 38,082 GRQ36.082 (5)
Infinity Trading (OB) 5,000 HR5k
Igaming Inc 5,000T MI5k
Intercasino 7,800 HR7.8K
International Ticketing Office 40,036 ILP20K 21w10.036K
Intersat Communications LTD 5,000T ILP5K
Israel Co-op Sweepstakes (OB) 25,000 CCJ5K DD5K UC10K
(2) DL5K
Jackpot Books 10,000 HR10K
JFA Marketing 5,000T HR5K
JT Communications 5,000 RTBLP5K
Koop Direktmarketing Gmbh 5,000 ILP5K
KT Associates 5,000T HR5K
Lady Luck (OB) 5,000 HR5K
LCI Consulting Inc 5,000T RTBLB5K
larry Interbiz Ltd 25,000E ilprbk HRKB
ILP10Kt (2) 5kIS
Leadco / Daryl Driver 5,000 HR5K
Legendary Concepts 5,000 ILP5K
Leisure Casino Cruises 17,866 HR17,866K
Lotterie Einnahme Boesche 25,000 HR10K ILB15K
Louise Goldie 15,000 ILP15K
LWD Holdings 5,000T RTBLP1k ILP2k
CAP1k 21w1K
Lucky Nugget 10,000 HR10K
M&S Inc 5,000T USSALRB5K
Market Edge Direct 35,000 21 wind 9K HR9K
ILP14K (3)
Marks & Associates 5,000T GRQ5k
MCA 5,000 ILP5K
MCI 5,000T ILP5K
Meadowlands (Gaming South) 42,641 CS7.6K HR35.041K (2)
Mines Publication 5,000 HR5K
Mirage Resorts 10,563 HR10.563
Montano Enterprises 5,000 USGOPTIN5K
Morris International/Australian Lottery 5,000 RTBLP5K
MR Cox Inc 5,000T MI5K
Naadeen Hughes 5,000T HR5K
National Trade Promotions Pty Ltd 5,000T ILP2K GRQ1K
Newson Reed 20,000T USSALP10K ILP10k
News Media Marketing 5,000 HR1K RTBLP2k ILP2K
Nichols Enterprises 10,000 GRQ10K
Norris Strauss Inc 15,000 RTBLP5K ILP10K (2)
Northville Community Chamber Commerce 5,000 5KHR
Nostalgia Catalog/Classic Motor Books 7,000 CC7K
NP Company 6,149 ILP6.149K
Onega Services 5,000T ILP5K
Onyx Industries 5,000 HR5K
Overseas subscribers agent 5,000 ILP5K
Pacific Coast International 5,000T ILP5K
Pacific Rim Pools Intl 5,000 ILP5K
Package Depot 5,000T HR5K
Pandel Ltd 10,000 CGoiemail10K
Peter Prasal 10,000T HR10K
Petjohnson Investments INV 10,000 RTBLP10K
Platinum International 5,000T OS2.5K ILP2.5K
Players Club 10,000 HR10K (2)
Poole & Ass 5,000 HR5K
Premier Lifestyle 5,000T ILP
Price Futures Group 5,000 HR5K
Prosperity Netwrok Inc 5,000T GRQ5K
Prostarz.com 5,000 HR5K
QLT (ob) 7,548 HR7.548K
Ramaas 5,000T HR5K
RCI Holdings LLC 5,000T USSALB5K
Regent Greoup Limited 5,000 HR5k
Robert Laugna 5,000T GRQ2.5k RTBLP2.5K
SCK Productions gmblng tp pamphlet 100,000 HR100K (2)
Sentinel Peak Enterprises 5,000T HR5K
Shook Enterprises Ltd 10,000T HR5K ILB5K
Showboat Mardi Gras Casino 5,500 HR5.5K
Spiral Solutions All jackpots 12,000 HR12K
Sports Pro 10,000E HR10KE
spoted Dog Media Inc/spiral solutions 27,000 HR27K (2)
Stardust 5,000T ILP5K
Staatliche Lotterie-Ennahme George 20,100 ILP20.1K
Star Marketing 5,000 ILP5K
Strategic Consulting Services 5,000 HR5K
Superior Sales Daniel Stuart 10,000 ILP10K
Sweepstakes Clearing House 19,000 RMCR14K (2) HR5K
Sweepstakesmillion.com 5,000T RTBLP2.5K HR2.5K
TCI 5,000T HR5K
TerraNova Strategies 10,000T HR10K
Tech Data 5,000T ILB5K
Thoroughbred Racing 5,062 HR5.062K
TSM Marketing LTD 10,000T USSLB5k ILP5K
Total Marketing Solutions 17,886 HR17.886K
Tridal, Ldt 20,000 HR20K
Travel Consultants Inc. (OB) 5,000 CWA5k
Tropicana Hotel 222,400 HR222.400 (5)
Trump Casino 25,000 HR25K
UK Membership Services 5,000T ILB2.5K HR2.5K
Unistar Plus 5,000T 21W5K
Unity Hospice of Green Bay Wi 5,000 SFCX1K CAH1K
Unmity School 10,500 APL10.5K
USA Direct Decks 5,000 HR5K
Value telemarketing 5,000T ILP5k(US LOTTO)
Victor Epand 5,000 HR
VIP Player Services Inc 5,000T HR5k
Wall Street Advisory and Sports 5,000T HR5K
Westfall Sports 10,000 HR10K
Wheel of Winners 8,500 ILB8.5K
Winners Circle 5,000T ILP5K
Winning.com 5,000T ILP5K
Winstar 10,000T ILP10K
world International 5,000T ILP2.5K HR2.5K
Work Project Mang 10,000 HR10k
Zoe Gaming 10,000 HR10K

29 Clients 6 Continued
35% Continuation

Acordia of California Insurance Service 5,000 CS5K Americlaim Public Adjusting Corp 2,860 IP2.86K American Consumer Insurance 8,495 CEA8.495K Assurity direct Life Insurance 10,000 CAP10k AXA Advisors, LLC 5,000T IP5K
Brauer Insurance Services 4,367 IP4.367K
Blue Cross Blue Shield 15,290 IP16,290TK (2)
Bruce Prator 5,000 ALB5K
California Blue Cross Blue Shield 66,000 SSDCW66K
Care insurance Brokerage Inc (OB) 5,000 SP5K
Conseco Insurance 20,000 FCIAD20K (2)
Dick Mullins 23,457 IP23,457K (4)
Dwayne Alborn 5,000T IP5K
Geico Life Insurance 125,000 HH50 (2)
Hartford Auto Insurance 100,000 ASHHemail100K
Health Care Advantage 5,000 IP5K
Homeowners Ins Mutual Ass 5,000 MI10K
Insurance Design Center 5,000 WW10K
Insurance Mailer                                   270,000  SMF270K     
Lisa Hays                                            9,192  IP9,192K
Loven & Associates 5,000 SMF/WW5k
Monitor Company 18,000 MI12K (3)
Mutual Assurance Co 35,000 RRR10k (2) MI15K
Mutual of Omaha 265,000 170kSMF (9) IP30K (2) AHHC30K (2)
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co 6,000 EO6K
National Health Administrator 10,000 LTCRAOIE20K
Peoples Benefit 20,000 ILP20K
Physicians Mutural Insurance 727,158 RMCR727,158(16)
Practical Marketing (client) 5,678 IP5.678K

69 clients 14 continuations 25%
3 are out of businness or not mailing

Agora Publishing                                     5,000   AOH5K
American Preferred Reader Service 20,000 MU20K MM 5K
American Trade Pub 5,000 MM5K
Associated Marketers Inc 5,000 MM5k
Aster Publishing Corp 4,609 EC4,609K
Bird Magazine 5,000 APPO5K
Bon Appetit Magazine 5,000 CCJ5K
Colorado Readers service 10,000T RMCR10K (2)
D C Publishers Service 10,000 MM10k
ESPN Magazine 15,000 CC15K
Express Information systems 5,000T MM5KT
FHM Magazine 15,000 SB15K
Financial Sentinel Magazine 5,000 MI5K
Free Inquiry 23,807 DL23,807 (2)
Great American Magazine (OB) 48,000 MM48K (2)
Hemisphere Tour and Travel 5,000 MM5K
Ignatius Press Catholic World Report 10,000 RCD10K
Inside Sports 5,000 CC5k
International Magazine Service 10,000 MM5K PW5K
International Masters Pub 455,194 OW63.5K (5)
SP35.5K (4)
CEA 265K (3)SAV24K
CC24,184K ASCDd20k
Irish America Magazine 6.5 CWAD6.5K
J D Kitzmiller and CO 65,000 MU5k CC20K (2)
NF10K (2) MM10K
(3) PW5K ILP5K
Krause Publications 8,000 CC8K
Life Magazine 12,000 CC12K
Magazine Marketplace (OB) 43,398 MM43,398K (2)
McMurry Publishing 75,000 RRR75K (3)
Mid-America Pub corp 10,000 CR10K
Moments Magazine 17,500 CCJ17.5K (2)
Multi Year Magazine (OB) 24,632K FAR7,979K CR5k
National Family Services 6,000 CS6k
National Geographic Society 15,000 HH15K
National Magazine Exchange 92,000 AOH25k CS25K CC41K (3)
National Review 10,000 CR5KAF5K
Natural Contrarian newsletter 1,478,216 Mi648,467K (13)
HTGRQ844.749K (15)
Navada Magazine 5,000 HR5k
Newsamerica Corporation 15,000 CR7.5K IBD7.5K
New York Magazine Subscription 16,000 UC16K
New York Times 436,640 CUC40.251K CJ35K
AIJD111.389k (2)
DL205K (2) CWA45K
Norstar Publications (no publish)(OB) 5,882 CAH5.882K
NorthAmericanAffinity Clubs 27,000 SAV10K CC7K DAK10K
Oxford Club 5,000 KO5K
Oxford university Press 5,064 ECPP5.064K
PC Magazine 21,000 EO10K AH5K MI6K
Phillips club 11,000 CWA11K
Phillips Publishing 11,000 OW5.5K CHH5.5K
Procir NY Sun 7,500 ACW7.5K
Publishers Service 5,000T APC5K
Publishers Premier Services 5,000T MM5K
Playboy Magazine 7,500 SB7.5K
Readers Digest Assn 180,000 GTTB90K (4) RRR30k
Rodale Press 7.5 SB7.5K
Sail Magazine 5,500 CC5.5K
Ski Magazine 5,000 CC5k
Sojourners 44,604 ACWIPHH5K DL5K
DD5K ICH4.292K
AH20K ACND5.312
Sporting News 10,000 CC10K (2)
Sports Illustrated 52,500 CC52.5K (5)
Southern Living 13,500 PWPH13.5K
Stereophile Magazine 7,500 CC7.5K
Telepro 13,000 MM8K CC5k
The Nation 7,500 DL7.5K
Time Magazine 54,000 MM10K AH20K (2)
Times Miror Magazines 25,000 CC25K
United Publishers of America 5,000T USSALRB5K
US NEWS & World report 20,000 HH20K (3)
Viking Magazine Service 5,000T MM5K
Washington Post 10,000 SSDHH10K
Washington Times 5,200 AH5.2K
Wall Street Journal 25,000 AH25k

34 clients 5 continuations 17%
13 Did not win election or did not run again

Andy Rosenberg for Congress  (OB)                   10,000  IBD5K CCJ5K
Black Pac 5,000 CR7k
Bob Anthony 7,500 CCJ7.5K
Bob Cardinal for Congress (OB) 20,170 RRR20.17K
Brownback for President 5,000 AH5K
Bush for Governor 5,000 CR5K
Bush for President (09) 5,000 CR5K
California Political 11,000 RRR11.00k
Cpac 2,755 CR2,755
Cranston for President 10,000 GJ5K UC5K
Dick Armey Campaign (ob) 5,000 AF5K
Ed Koch for Mayor 15,000 CCJ15K (2)
Governor Race SC 5,000 MI5K
Hart for President 12,000 DD3K DL3K CWA3K
Jackie Winters for Congress 2004 (OB) 5,000 CR5K
Jim Reed For Congress 5,000T DL5K
Joe Barton US Senate 5,000 AH5K
John Bradamus For Congress 3,000 UC3k
Jones for Californai 6,000 CR6K
Ferrer '97 campaign 5,000 SP5K
GOPAC 15,000T BCD15K
Lawrence Lindsey 10,000 CR10K
Liz Holtzman 5,000 CCJ5K
Max Cleland for Senate (OB) 10,000 TW5K DL5K
Mitt Romney for President 5,000 CWAD5k
Normal Coleman Reelection 5,000 CR5K
Obama for America 13,500 ICHD
Oliver Kopell 5,000 DD5K
Paxon Campaign Committee 5,000 AF5K
Poindexter defense fund 40,000 AH10K (2) CR10K(2)
CW20K (2)
Political Science Polling Service Bureau 5,000T CR5K
Robinson & Muenster (PA Senate) 85,956T DL85,956
Robert Abrams for Senate 20,000 CCJ20K (2)
Rudy Boschwitz for Senate 10,000 CCJ5K (2)
Specter '96 20,000 CCJ10K GJ10K
Take Back Pac 5,000T CR5K
Tiahrt for Congress 5,000 AF5K
Upton for Congress Commt 5,000 AF5k

254 clients 19 CONTINUATIONS 12%
6 are not mailing

3rd Millennium Management LLC 5,000T ABL5K A&E Television Networks 7,500 CC7.5K Abercrombie & Kent 6,337 ECPP ABI Graphics (NM) 200,000 ALB200K Absolute 5,000 RRR5k Achonye Frankline 5,000 RHWD2.5K RGWBTB1.5k ARR1.5K ADT Security Services 100,000 WW100K Adventurous Traveler.com 5,000 ECPP5K Affinity Long Distance 15,000 ACND15K AIN Real Estate (OB) 5,000 MAFTRE5K All Pro Industries, Inc 5,000 RG5K American Blind Products 5,000T GTTB5K America One 520,000 EO520,000K America One 1,447,778 HTGRQ374,748 (7) MAFTRE222,222 SP122,511K (4) EO50K HR726,379K American Masters Product 20,000 AOL20K (2) America Worldwide Inc 5,000 SMF5.8K Ameritech 11,500 EO11.5K Anheuser Busch 60,000 CC60k (4) Antares Corporation 75,000 MAFTRE75K (6) Apollo Jet 5,000T KO5K Artistic Cosmetic Dentistry (NM) 2,900 UC2.9k ASAP Screen Printing 4,295 ALB4,295K Ashton-Drake Galleries 30,000 PW15K CC15K Assumption Abby Bakery 5,000 ASCD5K ASV INC 3,000 SIC3K Australian Portfolio Wines 5,000 LOW5K Autoguard 5,000T MI5K AZhealthypet.com 5,000 APPO5K Barry Adelman fd(NM) 5,000 RES5K Bolton (OB) 10,000 CAP10K Ahmed Habibian/Black & Veatch 18,750 ALB18.75K Blindes Galore 5,000 PWPW5K Bliss 5,000T RRR5K Bolufe Leather 500 CIO.5K Bookspan 79,123 SB79.123K (3) Borcelli Direct 8,097 UKMM8.097K Bottom Line Oil and Gas 5,000T KI2.5K MI 2.5K Burson Marsteller 11,000 AB11K Carleton Sheets Seminar, JG Banks, Robert Allen In 16,328 MAFTRE16.328K Carpet Company cd-Rom 10,000 CB10K Career Blazers 20,000 BM20K CB Richard Ellis and Co 7,255 KO5K ALB2.255K Charles Ferraro Communications 5,000 CWA5K Chris Blum Design 508,736 ALB508,736 (3) Carson? Shop at Home 5,000A LB5K Castle Creek Inn resort and Spa 1,800T LMPL1.8K Century 2000 5,000 ALB5K Chauffeured Limousine Service 5,000 RRR5K Century Coin Group 5,000T CC5K Cherie Yvette Flowers 5,000 CWA2.5K MI2.5K Cidco inc 12,000 EO12K Circline, Inc 5,000 CWA5K City Reality 10,000 WSEMAIL10K CMI Slugger One (NM) 5,000 CC5K Coast Business Credit 4,427T LMPL4.427K Collector's Mint Morgan Silver Dollar 7,500 CC7.5K
Columbia House 364,000 SP50K CC239K (3)
Communique Group Le aradis Home Sales 10,156 CR10,156K
Compass Productions International 10,000 GJ10K
Computer Business Services Inc 10,000 CB10K
Copy Corner 5,882 ALB5,882K

Conference board/Corp governance Conf 3,778 COI3,778K
Craftmatic Adjustable Beds 10,000 OW10K
CR Coastal Marketing 5,000T SB5K
Cre8one 10,000 ALB10K (2)
Creative Computers PC MALL 3 15,000 EO15K
Creative Media 4,000 CB4K
Cruise Marketing Group 10,000 CS10K
CSI Aviation 2,442 ALB2.442K
CTC Inc 5,000 OS5K
Cunard Sea Goddess 5,000 CW5K
Customer Satisfaction Systems 10,000 DL10K
Daum Inc 30,000 A&CBemail30K (3)
David Loose Design Inc 20,000 CC20K
Davenport Theatrical Enterprises 5,000 CR5K
Davis Family Vineyard 885,538E LOW 100K
Denise Colon 5,000 KO2.5K MI2.5K
Dezer Advertising of Antiques 100,000 ALB100K (2)
Diamond's Educational Products 5,000 RMC5K
Digital Direct Inc/Information Sys 7,000 RRR7K
Direct Track 8,000 MAFTRE4K GRQ4K
Distributive Network 25,000 WP25k
Doubleday Mystery Guild 20,000 CC20K
Downes Designs 7,396 ABL7,396K
Doylestown Fitness Center 53,930 ABL53.930K
Dream Builders & Associates 80,000 MAFTRES45K (4)
Dream Work Kitchen Tune-UP 10,000T UAHWD10K
East Side Pharmacy 5,000 ALB5K
Falconer, Inc. 10,000T CW10K
Fifth Avenue Art and Antigues Show 12,000 CWA12K
First Class Vacations 5,000T RRR5K
First Colony Coffee & Tea CO. 5,000 CC5K
Fortune Hitech Marketing 5,000 OS5K
Frank Cawood & Assoc 5,200 ABC5.2K
Fresh Start Handicapped Workers Inc 20,000T AHWD10K AHHCD10K
Fulcrum Information Service 10,000 ABL10K
Gary Player Direct 5,000 GISS5K
Geisinger Health Plan 33,875 USSALB14,068K
Go Ahead Tours 10,000 WW10K
Green Mountain Energy 84,269 DD5K CEA69,741K(3)
George Dwight 5,000T MI5k
Georgetown Galleries 5,000 CWA5KT
Gerovita Intl 7,500 CAH7.5K
Global 90,000 DAK90K (2)
Gold Corp/Hall Int Sydney 2000 Olymp 10,000 CC10K
Grapefruit Club 10,000 ABCOH10K
Halcyon Exploration Co 5,000T MI5K
Hamilton Collection 500,000 SMF500K
Heritage Afinity Service 10,000T AJD10K
Heritage Health Systems 125,438T WW125,438K (2)
HollywoodRegistry.com 10,000 MI10K
Home Paqint Ventures 5,000T LN5K
Homepc 10,000 EO10K
Hub Mail Advertising/USOC 20,000 CC20K (2)
Image Group 5,000 EO5K
Independent Marketing 15,000 GRQ5K HTGRQ5K
Infinity House USA 6,000T LMPL3.5K MI3K
Infoquest 5,000T ACND5K
International Sports marketing 5,000T CC5K
International Vacation Ventures 5,000T RRR5K
IRL Music Group 5,000T ALB5K
Jameel Diamondsand Mining Operations 2,626 LMPL2.626K
Jazz Store 25,000 CC25K
Jeannie Rapp Brokerage 1,000T LMPLO1K
Johnson Smith Company 10,000 CC10K
Karen Clark 5,199T ALB5.199K
KC Marketing 5,000T ACCH5K
Kendall Fine Arts 10,000 CWAD10k
Kohi Research 3,500T LMPL3.5K
Kranjac, Tom 5,000 CW5K
Kubah Enterprise 10,000T SMF10K
Landvest Inc 1,500T LMPL
Lavendar Hill Restorations 5,000 emailM5k
Layton Marketing 120,000 DMF120K (2)
L&H Direct 73,737 ALB73.737K
Learning Annex Donald Trump Event 9,845 MAFTRE9.845K
Life Alert 40,000T RRR30K (2) DD10K
Life Xtension 3,500 LMPL3.5K
Lifewatch c/o Answernet 8,000T WW8K
Lincoln Fine Art 5,000T CCD5K
Lynxstreet Inc 5,155 ALB5,155K (2)
Lipenwald Marketing 5,000 CC5K
List for Less Client 5,000 FL5K
LIVHOME.com 20,000 AHHC10K (2)
Lymecor 5,000T ACP5K
M The Mkt Plce for Sprttiv Rsdncs 4,950T ALB3.467K
Medic One Foundation 17,000 WW17K
Manhattan Plant Experts 10,000T ALB10K (2)
Marie Mont team Remax of Atlanta 5,000T SP5K
Mark Borghi Fine Art 5,000 CW5K
Mars Surveys 5,000 HR5K
Matrix Soft Inc 5,000 AB5K
Mature Health Service 10,000T IP10K
Mazda 25,000C TM25K
Medical Arts Building (NM) 5,000 UC5k
Mercedes 49,000T LMPL/MI49K
Mi-Connection 5,000 CCJ5K
Micro center 315,038 EO315,038 (4)
Millionaire Connoisseur Club 33,012 EMAIL:ashhoiem20K
Monarch Constiuent Svcs 4,436 RRR4,436
Motorola iridium phone 5,711 ECPP5,711K
Motor Trend Petersen Publishing Co 6,081 HTAAB6,081K
Mountain Realty, LLC 512T LMPL.512K
Mount Saint Benedict Monastery 10,000 ASCD5K OSV5K
Museum Tower 5,000 KO5K
Mutebi Fred 2,197T LMPL2,197K
My Media Works Robert Allen Inst 27,000 MAFTRE27k
Nathan Smith 10,000 CC10K
National Tax Preparation Service 11,127 ALB11.127K
Nikavonnis client                                    5,000T ILB5K
North Atlantic Coin                                  1,000T ALB1K
Oceanfas 3,500T LMPL3.5K
Offshore Assc Cntrl Amer & Cabibbean 11,317 ABL11.316K
Omikronit & Tech 10,000T WW10k
Operation Fuel 6,626 ICHD6.626K
PABO 5,000 SB5K
Patty Flores 739 ALB.739K
Perfect Link 5,000T DMF4K Acc!K
Pro Trader Institute 18,692 MAFTRE18.692K
Quatro Wine 5,000 LOW
No Body Beats the Wiz 45,000 EO45K
Nutraceutics 5,000 B5k
PC Connection 30,000 EO30K
Pet Food Direct 10,025 RRR6,327K
Piragis Northwoods Company 5,000 ECPP5K
Playbotics 5,000 RRRWC5K
PMA Productions Inc 3,000T ADB3K
Power Express 10,000 EO10K
Proto Books 10,000 CCJ10K
Red Clay Media 10,500 CAP10.5K
Red Mountain Oil and Gas LLC 5,000T KO5k
Regan Marketing 5,000 CEA5K
R Crusoe & Son 4,609 ECPP4,609
Restoritive Remedies 10,000E DMBD10K
Results Marketing 7,071 ALB7.071K
Retail Management Solutions 908 BR.908K
Rodeo Realty 507 LMPER.057K
Rovata Enterprises 5,000 CAP5K
Saad & Vallas Realty Group LLC 10,000T KO5K MI5K
Safeguard Health Options 15,000T RRR5K TDWARR5K
Scooter store 100,000 ADWEPLAH100K
Script Relief LLC 10,000 CAP10K
Seven South Media                                    5,000  CAP5K
Shawn Robbins 5,000 CAP5K
Sharper Image (OB) 105,000A PPO25K AOH40K
Sheldon Good & Company 1,000T LMPL1K
Silversea 76,934 FLUSA6.934K
CWA70K (2)
Sirkin & Sirkin 5,000 DMF5K
Smartpak 12,000 APPO12K
Sony 13,000 EO13K
Sothebys.com-baseball memorabilia 5,000 CC5K
Southern Pacific Exploration so 10,000T MI10K
Southwest Breeders Association 5,000 RRR5K
Space Adventures 26,500T SMMEMAIL25K
Special Expeditions 5,000 ECPP5K
Spiritquest 5,000T CAP2.5K ILB2.5K
Stanford Funeral Industries, Inc 5,000T KO5K
Statewide FX 5,000T OS5k
Steven Hitchcock Savil Row 8,505 MI8.505K
Storesonline 112,127 MAFTRE112.127k(10)
Studio One and Zero 2,000 BIA2K
Sulka 10,000 CR10K
Sullivan Electric 16,000 CWAD16K
Summit Racing 6,000 HTA6K
Suntec Research Group 5,000T OS5K
Suri Group Inc 5,000 SP5k
Superior Wine Selections 6,000 LOV6k
Surplus Direct 10,000 EO10K
Swanson Health Care Product 20,000 AOH20K (4)
Sylvia Sarnau Photography 20,000 CWA20K (3)
TE CO 15,245 NF15.245K
Technicians of the Sacred 5,000 CAP5K
Technology Learning Systems Inc 6,000 CB6K
Technoscout/technobrands.com 5,000 EO5K
Tel-Services of America, Inc 5,000 RR5K
Thank You Vacations 5,000T IBD5k
The Wine Selection 5,000 LOW5K
Tim Pearson (Buck Wheat) 50,000 CCJ50K (2)
Together/Singles 83,000 ALB83K (9)
TriCo Sports 9,569 BD9.9.569K
Trusted Hands Network 15,000 AWEPLAH5k AWEPLAH10K email
Twinpsychics.tv 5,000 CAP5K
UniCall International Inc. 5,000 RRRWC5K
Unique Innovations 10,000 SB10K
US Coin and Bussion 5,000 CR5K
US Data Corporation 11,000T KO11K
US Money Reserve 70,000 MI10K ILP30K KO27K (3)
US Vending Technologies 15,721 MAFTRE15,721K (2)
Vacation Escape 5,000 HR5K
Valley Animal Center 6,661 APPO
Valley Forge Information Service 5,000T CC5K
Value Telemarketing 5,000T ALB5K B
Venture Air Services 5,000 FARIA1.5K CAP1.5K MI1K KO1.k
Vergence Entertainment LLC 5,000T MI5K
Video Age 7,500 SB7.5K
Viewer's Edge (OB) 239,745 CC239.745K (2)
Vitamin Shoppe 7,500 AOF7.5K
Vonage 168,416 EO168.416K (2)
Web site of the Month 5,000 OS5K
Wizcom technologies inc 5,000 CB5K
Woodland Returement Center 10,000 AWEPLAH.5K SMF9.5K
Year of the snake 10,000 LMPSemail10K
Zuleika Marketing 10,000 ALB10K

Death Master File Usage
5 Mailers Cleaned Their lists by the DMF
1 continued or 25%

Direct Marketing Experts Client                     15,000  DMF15K (2)
Memorial Polishing and Decorating Svc 100,000 DMF100K
Memory Bank Foundation 25,000 DMF25K
Palo Alto Medical Foundation 75,000 DMF75K
Polk 250,000 DMF250K

1 research company used Rich Lists

Greenberg Quinlan research inc 6,000t LP6K

2 Business used our business file

Surface systems and instruments llc 14,294 SIC14,294K (2)
Wells Chadwick Inc 5,000 TOP TAIWAN5K

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